How Cisco achieved improvements to cost, quality, and speed

How Cisco achieved improvements to cost, quality, and speed

Gerry McCool,

Cisco, a Fortune 500 company and industry leader, has always understood that it needs to move fast to keep pace with industry disruption. Their thought leadership and commitment to innovation are just two of the reasons why Cisco dominates networking and high tech today.

Cisco proactively set out on a digital transformation journey, choosing to lead rather than react. This forward-thinking approach enabled Cisco to provide incredible customer experiences, improve operations, and remain agile and innovative – all while keeping costs down.

Forward thinking requires brutal honesty

As part of this digital transformation, Cisco took a hard look at its internal processes. One area of focus was its supply chain. Among the many incredible results of its supply chain transformation was the achievement of significant savings in transportation costs by digitizing the reverse logistics flow and automating using dynamic dispositions. Beyond cost savings, these advancements also translated into improved customer experiences.

This never could have happened without the strong partnership between Cisco’s business and IT teams. As Partha Chakraborty, Senior Manager in Cisco Supply Chain IT, describes in a recent webinar, “This Agile/Scrum working model allows for business and IT teams to work together iteratively – and in smaller increments – to drive faster adoption and faster time to value.” For instance, the two groups regularly take part in hackathons where they work together to “hack” business problems and drive business-side self-service with their IT partners.

Supply chain improvements are just the start

Cisco understood that improving its supply chain would improve critical business metrics across the entire company, including customer experience and success. Not surprisingly, creating optimal customer experiences improved loyalty and retention.

It’s safe to say that Cisco, having seen many improvements in the past several years, will continue to digitize its supply chain and other critical business systems. I’m looking forward to learning what comes next.

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