Capgemini: Connecting the customer journey with smart automation and processes

“Sree”kumar Vadakkepat,

It’s no longer enough to provide a consistent experience across channels and the growing number of customer touchpoints. You need to make each experience personal and relevant. The question is how?

Tailored, personalized experiences that anticipate each customer’s next step with your business can create experiences that build relationships.

The value of customer experience

Customer experience is defined as the combination of perceptions, emotions, and reactions a customer has while interacting with a company through different channels. A consumer’s response to each interaction can make the difference between success or failure.

The re-imagination of customer journeys and the smart automation of the underlying business processes are the cornerstones of our clients’ transformation programs. To this end, businesses have been investing more in creating new and engaging customer touchpoints.

But as these investments grow incrementally, customer expectations grow exponentially. Incremental roadmaps are not fast enough. The expectation of the ideal experience is right now, not tomorrow. That’s why Capgemini takes a more rounded approach to customer experience. It was founded on intelligence, adaptability, and empathy to deliver engaging, impactful, and personal experiences.

This is where Capgemini’s partnership with Pega is pivotal. It equips our clients with the smart automation processes and artificial intelligence (AI) they need to design and enable a truly connected and personal customer experience.

Together, Capgemini and Pega offer a compelling technology platform integrated seamlessly into both customer experience and back-office technologies. By combining the power of strategy, technology, data science, and creative design, Capgemini helps clients quickly tap into the “Power of Pega” to underpin their digital transformation.

New user behaviors in the experience era

We are seeing a shift in the way experiences are consumed. New enablers and trends for effortless, fluid, personalized, and situational consumer experiences are becoming more prevalent.

The move towards a more intuitive customer interface is shifting companies from traditional approaches to simpler, audible, sensitive, and conversational technologies, such as the Pega Virtual Assistant. The internet of things (IoT) is connecting previously unconnected devices that are part of our daily lives, making us more omnichannel.

Another critical component in today’s customer experience transformation is the value of using analytics and deep learning to turn customer data and interactions into actionable insights.

Pega’s decision-aiding engines powered by advanced analytics and deep learning gather and leverage all customer data and historic journey paths across channels and touchpoints. This then feeds customer management capabilities, such as marketing automation, sales force automation, or customer service, with situational and personalized recommendations or next-based actions, in real time.

All these elements have far-reaching implications that the digital foundation companies must employ to ensure agility and support a growing ecosystem of partners and technologies. It demands a compelling digital platform, such as Pega, into which IT can quickly plug and play with existing, customer-focused solutions and disparate systems while leveraging enterprise back-end information and services.

Capgemini’s business platform built on Pega Infinity™ supports this plug-and-play requirement. It accelerates time to value as we combine innovation, design, insights, and technology to provide an end-to-end approach for deployment. It addresses digital process automation and omnichannel customer engagement with operational excellence.

Capgemini PegaWorld Sessions

There is more to successful digital transformation than just technology. Join leaders from Barclays and Capgemini for candid insights on the vision, journey, and lessons learned implementing a Smart Disputes solution.

Demos and Solutions

Meet us in the Tech Pavilion to see our latest solutions and demos, and discuss how the combined power of Capgemini and Pega can solve your business problems and give you a competitive edge.

  • Predictive Services for Customer Engagement: Increased consumer expectations, changes in behavior, a growing number of touchpoints, and more data equal an ever-changing and complexifying market. Predictive Services for Customer Engagement helps cut through this complexity and maximize customer value. By anticipating a customer’s next step, it enables tailored and personalized experiences – fostering brand loyalty, satisfaction, and advocacy.
  • Citizen Service Solution: Today’s public citizens and businesses expect a retail-grade, multi-channel experience that’s as efficient as the innovative private sector services they’ve become used to. Citizen Services Solutions addresses this by seamlessly interfacing with existing applications and providing government organizations with a complete view of their constituents and suggested next-best actions.

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“Sree”kumar Vadakkepat leads the global CX partnership ecosystem for the Capgemini Group. Capgemini is a global leader in digital business transformation, helping our clients achieve a bold competitive position while solving business issues using digital disruptions and technology.