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Case Study

TD Bank Financial Group: Increased resolution speeds by 70%

  • 30% increase in first-contact resolution
  • Resolution time reduced 70% for requests involving back office
  • 95% reduction in IT compliance costs
  • Continued to grow business at 50% while reducing headcount

"Any call — anytime, anywhere...If you can get the customer experience right, everything else will fall into place."

Adrian Hopkins Senior Manager, Technology, Optimization and Solutions, TD Bank

The Business Issue

TD Financial Group’s Visa card business had grown its portfolio of accounts by 50 percent and continued to grow at an aggressive rate in both domestic and international markets. The TD Visa management team knew service excellence was the key to success in this highly commoditized business, but its current operations were not aligned with business growth. An inflexible system infrastructure meant service fulfillment activities were inefficient and complicated. The legacy systems were expensive to maintain and lacked functionality to support new card products.

The Solution

TD Visa decided to address their legacy infrastructure issues with a complete system overhaul. With Pega, TD Visa created a full servicing solution that wraps around a new core processing platform to streamline disputes activity from the call center straight through to the back office. The CSR desktop provides full account and transaction information of each dispute, while intent-led processes support one-touch resolution and higher levels of service.

TD Visa deployed the solution to their call centers in Toronto, London, Montreal, and India. Customer disputes that cannot be resolved at the call center are automatically routed to central workbaskets used by all back-office dispute and fraud staff. Smart routing also assigns cases to staff from the workbaskets. Paper-based processing and manual rekeying of data have been eliminated, as electronic case data is automatically routed to the appropriate personnel.

The Results

The Pega solution has enhanced the customer experience and automated operations across all the call centers. Using Pega, TD Visa has achieved a 30 percent increase in one-touch customer service resolution and a 70 percent reduction in average resolution times for requests requiring back office intervention. Because so many cases are now resolved at first contact, TD Visa has reduced disputes requiring back-office intervention by 50 percent, enabling the firm to redeploy many of it back-office employees. They have also realized a 95 percent reduction in IT compliance costs for bi-annual Visa compliance updates.

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