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Banking CRM

These are times of great challenges in banking CRM (customer relationship management). Customers’ expectations regarding service quality and timeliness have grown sharply, and it’s easier than ever for dissatisfied customers to take their business elsewhere or broadcast their complaints. At the same time, the channels that banking CRM must address have proliferated to include mobile, online chat, and social media, as well as Web, phone, and branch interactions.


Pegasystems and Finextra conducted a bank and corporate client experience survey, exploring customer sentiments around sales, onboarding, KYC and servicing.


Pegasystems surveyed more than 1,000 participants – a combination of consumers and business decision makers from retail banking organizations – to find out.

Customer-related data inventories have grown exponentially, challenging IT and operations managers to put the data to good use. Meanwhile, continual change in consumer preferences and relevant regulations makes superior customer service a moving target.

Fortunately, coinciding with these customer relationship challenges is great opportunity in the form of a new generation of CRM software as epitomized by Pega CRM.

Personalized, Profitable Banking CRM from Pega

Pegasystems is the banking CRM and banking BPM solutions provider of choice for the world’s largest and most innovative financial institutions. Pega Better Business Software® raises the bar for banking CRM technology by:

  • Drawing a wide range of structured and unstructured data into a central analytics and decisioning engine that determines the Next-Best-Action to take in each customer interaction, in real time. Pega’s leading-edge capabilities for predictive analytics in banking drive highly customized service delivery and personalized, “segment of one” marketing and sales offers.
  • Coordinating service interactions and programs across all channels. With a Pega CRM system you can create rules, campaigns, and applications and deploy them seamlessly across all the channels through which you interact with customers.
  • Empowering business users to drive the process of creating and updating business rules and applications. With Pega Build for Change® technology, you can build or modify business applications without doing any coding. The system implements the coding automatically, based on business requirements and models that users specify through an intuitive graphical interface.

Benefits of Pega Banking CRM

With banking CRM solutions from Pega, your financial institution can:

  • Develop and execute highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns and sales processes.
  • Deliver personalized customer service interactions that satisfy demanding consumers while also furthering your revenue goals.
  • Present a consistent view of your company to customers across all channels including Web, mobile, and call center.
  • Adapt and update business rules and applications quickly in response to changing market opportunities or regulations.

Pega banking CRM solutions have proven their ability to elevate service quality and reduce costs in a variety of financial industry contexts including retail banking operations, commercial banking, investment banking CRM, and more.

Learn more about how banking CRM solutions from Pega can help your institution meet today’s toughest customer relationship challenges.