Our Experts


Alan Trefler

Founder & CEO

Alan the Founder -- and still the CEO -- has a deep passion for technology and when you engage with him on this topic, his enthusiasm shines through and is contagious. Whether you are an AI pioneer or new to the space, Alan offers great perspective on how to move your business forward.


Douglas Kra

Senior Vice President, Global Customer Success

Douglas has led sales teams and completed countless technology implementations. Talk with him if you’d like to learn more on how he has helped global organizations work through complex business challenges – and build cultures committed to success.


Cindy Barry

Vice President of Sales, NA Financial Services

Cindy has deep roots in financial services. She takes the time to really understand client pain points and how to help them take the next best step. Meet with Cindy and share ideas on how you and your teams can achieve better business outcomes.


Luke McCormack

Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific Sales

Luke is dynamic, knowledgeable, and engaging. He has worked with hundreds of clients and helped them achieve their business goals and then some. If you are based in the Asia Pacific area, we encourage you to meet with him.


Andy Elliott

Vice President, Professional Services

Andy is an accomplished industry expert. He has worked with the world’s largest financial institutions, both in Europe and North America. If your specialty is Customer Service or Investigations and Exception Handling in Treasury Services, talk with Andy.


Michael Haney

Vice President, Business Line Leader, Financial Services

Mike’s knowledge of financial services goes wide and deep. He is intimately familiar with the opportunities, trends, and challenges the industry faces and offers sound advice on how to best navigate the financial services landscape. Engage with Mike and he’ll be sure to offer insightful conversation.


Reetu Khosla

Head of Risk, Compliance, and Onboarding

Reetu is our resident expert for all things CLM/KYC! If you have any questions, or simply would like to discuss ideas in this space, take the time to meet with Reetu. She has valuable insights to share.


Ron Wellman

Global Director of Corporate Banking Solutions

Ron has years of experience in process re-engineering and developing technology solutions for transaction banking clients. If you have questions about client engagement and process efficiency, Ron is your go-to expert.



Any questions, please contact Diana Ermini at diana.ermini@pega.com.