PegaWorld 2017: Why Attend

PEGAWORLD 2017 | JUNE 4 – 7

PegaWorld 2017

The Power of PegaWorld

At PegaWorld, you’ll spend four days listening, learning and connecting with the best in the industry. With over 4,000 attendees from over 400 global organizations, 100+ customer speakers, hands-on workshops, and a Tech Pavilion featuring the latest in cutting-edge technology – the PegaWorld experience will fundamentally change the way your organization does business. Start empowering your team, your business, and your future. Because when you come to our world, we guarantee it will change yours.

Our attendees rave about PegaWorld year over year:

Discover Why PegaWorld Fits Your World

Business Professional

For business users, the power of PegaWorld lies in the ability to empower your future with the knowledge to work cross-functionally and harness the latest cutting-edge technology to drive business outcomes.

Whether you are striving to optimize customer engagement using adaptive and predictive analytics, streamlining complex processes to reduce costs, or helping your organization respond to the rapid demands of the modern market, PegaWorld connects you with the people and the technology to make it all happen.

With over 100 customer success stories focusing on topics such as digital transformation, mobile, omni-channel customer service, and case management, PegaWorld enables you to tap into best practices and lessons learned of some of the world's greatest business leaders. So regardless of your industry or whether your functional area is service, sales, marketing or something else entirely, attending PegaWorld will empower you.

At PegaWorld, you will be able to:

  • Become inspired by our incredible lineup of keynotes from top global brands who played a significant role in helping their company deliver superior client experiences by leveraging Pega technology
  • Learn from over 100 customer speakers who will share their best practices and useful insights into their journey to success. The PegaWorld agenda boasts more customer case studies than any other event in the business.
  • Engage directly with our products in the Tech Pavilion. With more than 100 live end-to-end demos built and staffed by Pega subject matter experts, the Tech Pavilion brings you invaluable access to products, features, functionality, and solutions built for your industry.
  • Connect with the best in the industry face-to-face. With over 400 global organizations attending our event, there are endless opportunities to listen, learn, and network with attendees who are facing similar challenges.

IT Professional

As an IT Professional, it is important to have the most up-to-date skills to build, maintain, and advance the technology that provides your company a competitive advantage. At PegaWorld, you will have direct access to product experts, intensive hands-on training courses, on-site certifications, and bootcamps that will help accelerate your team's ability to have that immediate impact on your business.

At PegaWorld, you will be able to:

  • Hear directly from dozens of leading organizations on how they're using Pega technology to fundamentally change the way they execute core business functions
  • Feel the power of cutting-edge technology and analytics, delivered through deep dive training courses and hands-on bootcamps designed to enhance your proficiency and know-how and leave you with concrete experience and knowledge to drive better customer experiences
  • Get "under the hood" and see over 100 live demos which are built and staffed by Pega subject matter experts who understand the products, features, and functionality best at our incredible Tech Pavilion
  • Propel your career and become a Pega certified professional through on-site certification exams
  • Receive the latest and greatest from Pega's Kerim Akgonol, Pega's Senior Vice President of Products, on Pega's roadmap and vision
  • Engage directly in a live Q&A to ask product experts the questions and gain the answers you need to eliminate manual tasks and enable top-level productivity

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