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Our flagship event delivers limitless possibilities and real results.

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We get it. There are lots of tech events out there. Some are all about dreams and promises. Others double down on software, but miss the big picture.

PegaWorld is different. You’ll spend four days listening, learning, and connecting with the world’s most powerful brands. You’ll hear about big ideas and bold innovations. At the same time, you’ll get the real-world technology and knowledge you need to solve your toughest business challenges. Find out how to:

Engage. Create more meaningful customer relationships with proven, transparent AI – every interaction, every channel.

Automate. Turn your business into an operational powerhouse, bringing humans and bots together for end-to-end efficiency.

Build. Start fast and scale big with tools that drive success in a post-code, cloud-centric world.

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Featured 2017 keynotes

PW17 Keynote Replay | 63:29

Automation, AI and Customer Engagement

General Motors, Coca-Cola, & Pega

PW17 Keynote Replay | 21:04

Sprint's Customer-First Strategy


PW17 Keynote Replay | 32:47

AI in Customer Engagement: Balancing Risk and Reward


What’s in it for you?

If you’re a business professional…

For you, the power of PegaWorld lies in the knowledge to work cross-functionally and harness the latest cutting-edge tech to drive business outcomes.

Whether you want to improve customer engagement, streamline complex processes, or respond to industry disruption, PegaWorld connects you with the people and technology to make it all happen.

Don’t miss firsthand success stories from Pega clients, so you can to tap into best practices and lessons learned from top businesses. With more than 100 customer speakers, you’re guaranteed to get relevant insights.

Your PegaWorld highlights:

   Hear inspiring keynotes from top global brands using Pega technology

   Take note as industry leaders reveal best practices and useful insights into their journey to success

   Get hands-on with Pega products in the Tech Pavilion, including invaluable first access to products, features, and solutions built for your industry

   Connect with powerful organizations face-to-face and network with fellow leaders

If you’re an IT professional…

You can’t afford to be left behind. You and your team need to stay ahead of the curve so you can build, maintain, and advance the technology that gives your company a competitive edge.

Be sure to visit the PegaWorld Tech Pavilion, where you’ll be the among the first to experience our newest and most powerful technology. You’ll get an inside look at the tools you need to accelerate success and make an immediate impact on your business.

Your PegaWorld highlights:

   Hear directly from dozens of leading organizations on successful digital transformation and the technology they’re using to make it happen

   Feel the power of cutting-edge technology and analytics, delivered through training courses, hands-on bootcamps, and more

   Go “under the hood” with more than 100 live demos by Pega product gurus

   Get the latest and greatest on Pega’s roadmap and vision

   Join Q&As with product experts on essential topics, from AI to robotic automation to customer engagement and more

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