PEGAWORLD 2017 | JUNE 4 – 7

PegaWorld 2017

PegaWorld Technical Bootcamps

Bootcamps are deep dive tracks led by Pega subject matter experts, offered on Wednesday, June 7 from 8:30am-3:00pm. We gathered your feedback and designed these sessions around the topics that are important to you. Each session is 90 minutes and combines lecture with hands-on practice. Each track features three in-depth sessions that build on one-another, therefore attendees are not able to jump from track to track. You will enhance your proficiency and know-how, and leave with concrete experience and knowledge to drive better customer experiences.

Add a Bootcamp to your PegaWorld registration for $300. A personal laptop (Mac or PC) is required. Tracks 1,2 and 3 are limited to 75 people and track 4 is limited to 55 people.

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Topics: Robotic Process Automation, Case Management, Data Integration

Who should attend?: IT Developers, IT Leaders, IT Managers, Enterprise Architects


Build and Run a Robotic Desktop Automation

Discover Pega’s new Robotic capabilities and learn how Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Workforce Intelligence can optimize your business processes and improve operational efficiency. Learn what kinds of problems are best tackled with each of these solutions. Gain actual hands-on experience by building your own Robotic Desktop Automation application.

Case Designer & Live Data

The cases and processes are great, but what about my data? Learn about Pega Live Data and how it can be used to simplify integration and data management. During this hands-on lab session you will use the Pega Designer Studio to put together your own Pega Case Management design, leveraging Live Data pages that will manage related data and provide a strong overall user experience. You will leave understanding Pega’s Case Management capabilities, the power of the intuitive Case Designer, as well as data pages.

Putting it All Together – Cases & Robotics

Pega Robotic Automation and Case Management are complementary solutions. Learn how your organization can move up the automation complexity curve by combining these capabilities, gaining additional business benefit along the journey. Learn the pre-built interaction points between Pega Robotic Automation and the Pega 7 Platform. Continue your hands-on lab session work by extending your Case to seamlessly invoke your Robotic Desktop Automation.

Topics: Upgrade to Pega 7, Debugging and Testing, Managing Pega Cloud, Security and Performance monitoring, Continuous delivery and deployment

Who should attend?: IT Developers & Engineers, Enterprise Architects, DevOps professionals, IT Managers


Building a Release Pipeline for a Pega Application

Discover the best way to build and deploy cloud applications, while following a release management process. We’ll cover what a release pipeline is, why it is needed, and what infrastructure is needed to support a release pipeline while walking through an example release pipeline project.

Accelerating the Release Pipeline with Test Automation

What are the best practices for app testing in an automated and scalable way? Come learn how to follow the Pega testing pyramid where we will review unit, functional and UI based regression testing tools and get hands-on to build and deploy PegaUnit tests using the Pega release pipeline discussed in the first session.

Production Deployment Best Practices and Example Showcase

Walk through best practices for zero downtime deployments, leveraging capabilities in the product to automate deployments to pre-production or production environment, managing hotfixes and other application dependencies, leveraging rollback, and a review of the diagnostic capabilities in Pega 7 to monitor the production environments. This hands on session will go through the end to end cloud release pipeline, production deployment, and diagnostic setup for monitoring your environment.

Topics: Architecting your apps for rapid implementation, reusability and better Business/IT alignment, Directly Capture Objectives, UX

Who should attend?: IT Leaders, Process Improvement Professionals, Project Managers, Business Analysts


Directly Capturing Objectives (DCO) the Next Generation, Going Rogue

Developing and organizing project artifacts has always been a time consuming, and costly task. It can also be very challenging to keep these artifacts in context of the application being developed or the conversations being had. Pega7’s new real-time DCO capabilities help make real-time artifact capture and feedback much more effective and efficient. During this session you will see how to streamline the artifact creation process while ensuring higher quality business solutions. You will participate in the creation of artifacts that you can use during your projects to help ensure better success, faster deployments, and higher quality.

Achieving Faster Delivery by “Minding the ‘Gap’” and Going Agile

Pega’s clients are always looking for more effective and efficient ways of scoping, sizing and delivering projects to realize business value. Pega has developed a delivery strategy focused on addressing client needs through out of the box functionality. Join this session on Pega’s new Gap Analysis Implementation Approach. We will leverage an Agile delivery model to learn the core concepts, hear how the approach works in the field, understand best practices and see how Pega’s approach helps achieve business value sooner.

User Experience Agility - How to Design Using an Agile Methodology

The Agile software development process works brilliantly once a design is in place. However, what if that design is poor? Just how do you account for design changes and problems within the Agile software development process? In this session you will learn from our Center of Excellence (COE) and UX experts how best to manage the all-important design process to ensure that you are not only producing results quickly, but that they are the right results.

Topics: Mobile User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI), UI Skinning and Layouts, Emerging UX

Who should attend?: Mobile App Designers, UX Developers, Usability Analyst, UI Architect, Usability Tester


Making Design a Reality with Pega UI

This hands-on session will delve into the art of the possible using Pega UI. You will be guided step-by-step through the best ways to build a basic, yet reasonably complex enterprise application UI and use the latest Pega 7 capabilities to create a sleek and modern user experience. Learn about design thinking with Pega and how to consider mobile, accessibility, localization, and other design concepts in the beginning of your projects vs. leaving them to the end.

Design to Succeed: Digging Deeper

This session will expand upon the basic application UIs built in “Making Design a Reality with Pega UI”. This session will dig deeper into leveraging Pega 7 visual design capabilities and design templates to transform your UI patterns into a working Pega application that will allow your end users and your business to succeed.

The Finishing Touches: Advanced UI and Beyond

In this session, we will expand on our application further, leveraging advanced Pega UI components, how to cover custom controls in a model-driven approach, and putting the finishing touches on our UI to ensure the application is scalable to any device.

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