Session: Spark Talk

Using Decisioning to Power Always-On, 1:1 Customer Engagement

Date and Location



  • Jeroen Dijkstra
    Product Owner, Omni-Channel Personalization
  • Alex Burton
    Head of Data and Decisioning Strategy
    Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Bob Skinner
    Vice President, Digital Strategy & Marketing Technologies
  • Shoel Perelman
    Vice President of Product Management, Pega Marketing

Brands have traditionally spent millions of dollars pushing messages AT customers, trying to drive shot-term revenue. But as consumers have evolved, it’s become harder to move the needle, and earn their loyalty. We desperately look to do more, and push harder… but end up fatiguing customers, who disengage and bottom out. It’s a downward spiral, where nobody wins. This panel will discuss how AI gives companies the opportunity to do things right, and re-center on the customer. Leveraging data from across the enterprise, we can analyze each individual and engage them with relevant content, exactly when they need it – adding real value, and earning the right to expand each relationship.