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Robotics vs Intelligent Automation – Cautionary Tales and Axioms

Date and Location

June 4, 2019, 11:45AM - 12:30PM
Premier Ballroom 319 Tues


  • Stuart Chandler
    Sr. Vice President
  • Jamie Campbell
    Vice President

Robotic Process Automation is center-square in “Buzzword Bingo”. Organizations stampede to robotic platforms to capture their purported benefits of operational efficiency. It’s true that robotic automation provides for impressive gains quickly at a relatively low cost. But we must approach these tools with great sobriety. We need to save ourselves from being a hammer in search of a nail. With Pega’s disruptive acquisition of OpenSpan, we lay down our hammer and solve business problems in consideration of all the blades of the Digital Process Automation (DPA) Swiss knife. Key Issues:  Technical debt created or perpetuated by robotics  Stalled, stunted, siloed adoption of robotics  Shortsighted focus on RPA squandering the value of DPA Value to Attendees:  Healthy adoption of Robotics  Essential wisdoms in qualifying and assembling the amalgamation of capabilities that make up Digital Process Automation  Design patterns to evolve an RPA agenda to an Enterprise Architecture agenda