Session: Keynote

Up, Up, and Away: Unleashing the Superpowers of Pega Infinity

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  • Kerim Akgonul
    Senior Vice President, Products
  • Moshe Pridan
    Sr. Vice President - Business Solutions Management

You know that feeling – the one where you’re defeated by technology. Legacy systems and messy architecture prevent you from engaging your customers in exciting new ways. Look, we’ve been there too. We understand. But, fear no more…Pega InfinityTM to the rescue! By providing you with the superpowers you need to easily build sleek, adaptable apps that morph to the exact needs of your customers at the perfect moment, Pega Infinity has the features that are required to overcome the tech obstacles you face.

Kerim Akgonul, senior vice president of product (and not to mention real-life Pega DX HeroTM), will deliver insights into how AI enhances customer engagement. He’ll also demonstrate how digital process automation and Pega Infinity’s new streamlined architecture can empower your citizen developers to build and deploy dream applications, allowing you to serve your customers with empathy and excellence. Learn how to become a true DX Hero and shape the future of your organization’s success!


Kerim Akgonul
SVP Products

"Kerim Akgonul is Senior Vice President of Products, responsible for the company’s suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, including Pega Customer Service, Pega Marketing and Pega Sales Automation, as well as our Case Management, Decisioning, Mobile, and BPM software.

Kerim began his career at Pega developing applications for customers in financial services and insurance, and he put his customer-centric perspective to work in establishing the company’s product management function. Early in the company’s history, Kerim recognized the power of connecting back-end operations to front-end, customer-facing applications and has focused the product management team on applications that allow business visionaries to innovate how their organizations interact with customers.

Kerim is focused on leveraging technologies such as mobile, cloud, social, IOT and analytics to support business users. He is an advocate for building software that makes the underlying technology transparent and serves the needs of the business. This focus on business impact has contributed significantly to the company being recognized as leaders in CRM, Case Management and BPM.

In addition to leading the Product Management function, Kerim also established the company’s eLearning Platform,, which provides the courses and training necessary to become a Pega Certified Professional. To date, Pega Academy has delivered more than 1.5 million lessons to more than 36,000 students around the world.
Kerim holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania."

Moshe Pridan
SVP Business Solutions Management

Moshe Pridan works as Sr. Vice President of Business Solutions Management at SiriusXM, where he is responsible for the delivery of technology solutions in support of Sirius XM’s business. In this capacity, Moshe drives enablement and innovation for all subscription lifecycle activities. Moshe leads Sirius XM's Digital Experience organization alongside his counterparts in Marketing. Moshe is responsible for Contact Center Technologies, Financial, Supply Chain and Middleware applications, as well as integration of new programs.

Prior to his time with SiriusXM, Moshe filled various technology and consulting leadership roles for large companies, including Amdocs, Partner Communications and PwC.

Moshe holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Georgetown University. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and accounting from The Hebrew University.