PegaWorld 2019: How DAK went from product-focused to member-centric using Pega Marketing

Healthcare payers have been slow to change, especially when it comes to interacting with members. Direct mail and calling campaigns were the status quo – offers pushed out in large batches, where the company controlled the conversation. But tech-empowered consumers and GDPR regulations have increased the stakes. Payers need to adapt, or risk becoming dinosaurs. In this session, the team at DAK will showcase how Pega Marketing helped them go ”member-first”– using Next Best Action to engage with digital content, and prioritize high-value conversations for their 12,000 member service team.


  • Tema: PegaWorld
  • Desafío: Automatización de procesos digitales
  • Desafío: Marketing personalizado
  • Desafío: Excelencia operativa

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