PegaWorld 2018: British Gas: How AI & Decisioning Are Reshaping Relationships (Video)

Earning long-term customer loyalty used to be about miles, points, and counting systems… but AI-technologies like decision management and machine learning have re-shaped how companies engage customers, calculate incentives, and optimize long-term relationships. Organizations no longer have to guess what’s relevant for each customer – they can give them exactly what they need – with a full understanding of the expected trade-offs, lift, and likely profitability. In this session, Jo Allen will showcase how British Gas, partnering with Adqura, is leveraging Pega Marketing and it’s decisioning AI to re-shape engagement across the company, regardless of whether they’re actively selling to, serving, or retaining customers. Their goal is to increase loyalty with every touch – not just using rewards, but by personalizing connected conversations everywhere they happen - from the website and call-center, to email, mobile and paid digital platforms.


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