Employee spotlight: Harald – sales leader reaching new heights

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Our Employee Spotlight series highlights #LifeAtPega for team members around the globe. Meet Harald, Vice President of Sales for the DACH region. A self-proclaimed smartphone addict, Harald shares his thoughts on what makes a strong sales leader, and discusses how he drives the Pega culture within Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

How would you describe your type of sales leadership?

I believe I am a service-oriented leader focused on my team to make them successful. I love to work in a challenging environment. Sales leaders are responsible for one of the most important functions within an organization. The responsibilities include creation of sales strategies, procedures, meeting sales targets, and keeping staff both motivated and trained. Sales for me is an exciting art, but essentially, it’s about hiring the right talent, coaching at a higher level, and providing a trusted environment.

What’s your career journey? Why did you choose to come to Pega?

I am nearly 25 years in sales leadership roles working for U.S. software companies like Lotus, IBM, Symantec, Adobe and Salesforce. The last three years I worked for Salesforce building the Mittelstand (Corporate Market) sales organization in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). This has been a very successful journey, but after three years of building, shaping, and scaling the organization, it became routine and I grew bored.

My motivation to join Pega? Because it is the best platform to continue my career, and I see a lot of future potential for Pega’s growth in the region. Pega is #1 in software for customer engagement and digital process automation – I truly believe this statement – and the market in DACH is at the beginning of the digitalization transformation.

How do you drive the culture for the DACH sales organization?

We have brought in a lot of newbies across all functions and are transforming the organizational culture in DACH by changing the mindset and instincts. Pega has great values and beliefs that guide us through this turnover. This is not an event, more a process where everyone in the DACH organization is accountable to make change happen. I believe this will take a time. Continuity, patience, and persistence is required.

What makes a sales executive on your team successful?

There is war outside in the market – a war of talent and market share. We need to equip our account executives so they can survive. Setting up an account executive for success begins with the onboarding process, investing in personal and professional goals, providing reasonable but challenging goals, and giving them a lot of attention through coaching and enablement.

Looking ahead, what’s your vision for the DACH organization?

Our region has not yet reached the full potential, and in order to build up a successful organization our mission is aligned to our overall corporate mission: We are the leader in software for customer engagement and operational excellence in DACH. Pega DACH drives unprecedented levels of customer success and maximum growth across all segments, countries, and industries. Our culture of success is a beacon of light that guides our customers, employees, partners, and the community. We perform at the highest levels and execute flawlessly through our world-class sales organization powered by a highly talented, successful, and diverse workforce that serves as the foundation of our culture.

At Pega we believe a healthy work-life balance is important. What do you like to do outside of the office? Why do you enjoy it?

I enjoy hiking, cycling, and skiing in the Tyrolean Alps – it gives me strength and motivation.

Since we’re in the tech space, what do you think has been the most impactful piece of technology in your lifetime? Why?

The smartphone. It accompanies me almost 24 hours. It serves me as a working tool, and entertains me with music and video. I can no longer imagine living without a smartphone today.

And lastly, on your phone/tablet, what’s your favorite app and why?

Pega Sales Automation – as I want to always be on top of my pipeline and deals. What can I say? I like to work!

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