5 tips to grab the customer engagement gold

Leanne Russell,

In the digital customer engagement game, your organization can never rest. You are always competing for customers that demand responsive, personalized resolutions every time they reach out to you. And one bad experience can cost you a customer. From a recent Pega survey, we know that 75% of consumers have stopped using a service because of a poor customer engagement experience. So how can your organization lead in this space? Here are five tips to be top of your game in digital customer engagement.

1. Cross train

Gold medal athletes know that to be proficient, cross-training is key. Look for a customer relationship management platform that provides consistent and seamless omni-channel experience across telephone (inbound and outbound), web and mobile chat, co-browse, email, various social channels, web self-service, fax, and white mail service interactions. Customers expect fast, outstanding service delivery across channels without loss of content, and without fuss or friction.

Read how Elisa, Finland’s wireless market leader, saw a 500% rise in telesales conversions when they adopted an omni-channel approach.

2. Have a smart coach

In sports, your coach manages your actions, taking into consideration all of the data they have collected on you – including your current condition – and provides a plan of action. Winning customer engagement systems leverage a centralized brain to perform similar functions – it gathers, tracks, and analyzes data; orchestrates the optimum steps that need to be taken for the interaction at hand; then applies these decisions to guide the interaction.

See how the Royal Bank of Scotland is delivering personalized next-best-action recommendations using a centralized approach to intelligence and guidance.

3. It’s not over until it’s over

Don’t give up mid-play. Focus on the outcome and execute at each stage of the engagement until you’ve met the goals for your customer and your organization. Wrap system-based transactions within the structure of a case to provide oversight and manage a consistent experience across channels and devices. Case lifecycle management can direct multiple, simultaneous processes necessary to achieve each goal. It provides end-to-end automation of service levels, task prioritization, and work escalation, delivering more efficient and effective service, even for lengthy and complex interactions.

Watch this presentation from Telstra to see how they leverage case lifecycle management to provide end-to-end service and outstanding customer experiences.

4. Have a unified game plan

A unified, model-driven platform allows you to manage work, make decisions, and connect to legacy systems and new technologies. With digital process automation (DPA) as a foundation, you’ll have the flexibility to orchestrate robotic automation capabilities (RPA, RDA) with case lifecycle management to deliver end-to-end, seamless customer engagement. Let robots automatically take care of repetitive tasks and integrations while case management orchestrates the work, then leverage the centralized brain to help analyze and guide the customer engagement. All components work in unison to provide services critical to an outstanding customer experience.

Gartner identifies 10 critical capabilities for customer engagement solutions. Get the report here.

5. Think big and start small

Competing on any field of play means dreaming big. Be optimistic and don’t focus on individual bumps on the course. Instead, laser focus on the outcomes you want to achieve. Begin by identifying one step – even a small step – that you can easily achieve toward your digital engagement goals, then keep working step by step towards your vision.

Discover how global companies with multiple, complex needs like Cisco are providing world class customer experiences, and reducing service costs, with a digital customer engagement model.

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