Cobertura en los Medios

Decir que es de interés es una sutileza. Nuestras soluciones líderes de la industria ayudan a las empresas más grandes del mundo a desarrollar aplicaciones diseñadas para el futuro.

| Forbes

Pegasystems CEO Alan Trefler Shares How A Childhood Job Of Restoring Antiques Helped Him Become A Billionaire

| CEO Magazine

What open banking really means for business leaders

| BAI Banking Strategies

Customer experience meets your excellence: How to edge out the competition

| Digital Health Age

Pega’s Peter Ford discusses the need to improve the quality of care within the UK’s NHS through the appropriate use of technology

| CustomerThink

Pega clients discuss the driving force behind their digital transformations and key factors for success

| itnews

Pega client Optus shares insights from building a universal workflow at PegaWorld
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| SearchCRM

Sprint CMO Roger Solé explains how Sprint worked with Pega to transform the business.
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| Destination CRM

Captricity partners with Pega to unlock additional value using customer data.
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| Document Wereld

Merkle and Pegasystems work together to streamline operations across different channels.
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| iStart

IoT solutions offer great potential for the healthcare industry.
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| eGovernment Computing

Philips and Pega are revolutionizing traditional healthcare by increasing connectivity.
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Philips and Pega announce partnership to make better use of connected devices and health data.
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| Medical Devices Business Review

Pega and Philips have collaborated to improve health outcomes by increasing connectivity.
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| Which-50

Pega and Philips partnership to increase connectivity and personalize healthcare.
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| Which-50

Allianz selects Pega to provide its customers with a more personalized approach.
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| Computable

Philips and Pega announce partnership so providers can act preemptively.
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| Customer Talk

Philips and Pega collaborate, giving providers the ability to improve patient care.
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| Diginomica

British phone company TalkTalk is working with Pega to improve its customer service.
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| Fierce Medical Devices

Philips and Pega partner to leverage health data and connected devices
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| Computer Weekly

Philips and Pega predict the future of healthcare will change due to IoT.
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| Internet of Business

Healthcare will become more personalized with Pega’s collaboration with Philips.
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| EuroBench

Philips and Pega collaborate to improve health outcomes by enhancing device connectivity.
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| Customer First!

Philips and Pega collaborate to provide care remotely and increase efficiency.
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| Noordhollands Dagblad

Philips and Pega announce their collaboration in utilizing technology to improve health outcomes.