Pega Robotic Automation

Is digital process automation the answer to your business-IT collaboration prayers?

Session #3

  • April 25, 2019
  • 10:00 AM EDT

Digital process automation (DPA) and tools like RPA and low code empower business people to take leading roles in fast digital transformation. And although research shows IT support is crucial to achieving digital outcomes, some business users report IT as inhibitors to transformation efforts.

It’s time to come together for a better automated future. Join us for a discussion about how business and IT can stop clashing and start collaborating, including:

  • Who should design and build automations
  • How to build an effective Center of Excellence for RPA and DPA
  • The right way to scale RPA but accelerate faster and broader with DPA
  • Why the world’s best RPA and DPA use cases are real successes – and how your organization can get there, too



Francis Carden

VP, Robotics and Transformation, Pegasystems

Francis Carden is one of the original founders of OpenSpan, a robotic automation and workforce intelligence company acquired by Pega in 2016. Francis is an active industry speaker and guest columnist, providing expertise in how to leverage automation to drive human capital optimization and enterprise transformation in the customer-facing areas of enterprise.

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Dave Brunner

Director, Solutions Consulting, Robotics & Workforce Intelligence, Pegasystems

Dave joined Pega in 2016 by way of the OpenSpan acquisition where he was VP of Product Management and Pre-Sales, and has over 10 years of robotics experience, spending nearly his entire career of over 30 years as a technologist focused on new product innovation. Prior to Pega and OpenSpan, he worked for Equifax and S1 where he led teams of up to 50 delivering large-hosted and cloud-based solutions to several leading global financial and telco companies. Dave graduated from Louisiana State University with a BS in Computer Engineering, began his career in security embedded systems hardware and firmware design, and is a patent holder.

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