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Predective Modeling

Maximize customer value with predictive modeling

Real-time modeling is changing the way companies understand their customers. Companies have been using customer engagement software to track and analyze customer behavior for years, but often with static models that are isolated from day-to-day interactions and trends. When assumptions about customer behavior become out of date — even by a few days — the result is missed opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, increase wallet share and prevent customers from defecting.

Real-time predictive modeling, on the other hand, enables companies to instantly adjust business processes and interactions based customer information from the past hour, minute and even seconds.

For companies seeking customer experience management software with the power to maximize the effectiveness of every customer interaction, Pega provides a best-of-breed solution.


What's inside the always-on brain? Customers today expect companies to either “just get it” or get lost. Learn why firms must aspire to win over fickle and demanding consumers.


For businesses today, the promise of AI is to improve customer engagement through better anticipating customer needs and optimizing work to provide better, faster, and more effective customer experience.

Capabilities for predictive modeling

Pega delivers strategic applications and customer experience software for Global 2000 enterprises that help streamline business operations, automate sales processes, improve the digital customer experience and strengthen customer relationships.

Pega's real-time predictive modeling technology enables businesses to continuously improve predictions about customer behavior. Pega automatically detects changes in behavior in real time and acts on them immediately. Self-learning predictive modeling enables rapid and continuous increase in the accuracy of decisions, ensuring that customers get the most relevant responses, offers and actions during every interaction.

With Pega you can:

  • increase the effectiveness of every customer interaction and business process with self-learning technology that automatically analyzes new data points to identify changes in patterns of behavior in real-time.
  • Enhance customer experiences with self-adjusting Next-Best-Actions and offers based on the latest information about customer responses and behavior.
  • Automatically adapt pre-defined predictive models during customer interactions.
  • Quickly identify the most effective strategies and propositions for scenarios such as new product introductions where no historical data is available.
  • Realize zero time-to-market for deploying accurate and reliable predictive models.

Benefits of Pega's adaptive case management

Pega's predictive modeling technology includes comprehensive tools to track and analyze changes in customer behavior, including:

  • Self-learning technology that ensures predictive models are always up to date, using customer responses and interactions to adapt planned offers and actions.
  • Next-Best-Action recommendations that automatically prioritize factors such as predictive propensity to buy and propositions that have proven effective with a particular customer in the past.
  • Automated adjustments to predictive decisions in real-time.
  • Ability to align Next-Best-Actions with business objectives by considering factors such as company policies, marketing weights, margin and eligibility rules.
  • Business-oriented design tools that offer a quick and simple way to define adaptive models.

Learn more about predictive modeling with Pega, and about Pega solutions for an order management system and enterprise application integration.