How Cisco is Reimagining Digital Business

“For some of the processes we have, we managed to reduce cost by a factor of four … and eliminated 93% of touches.”

In one of the highlights of Pegaworld 2016, Gilles Leyrat, SVP of Customer and Partner Services at Cisco, shared some facts and insights about how Cisco is doing digital business. His topic: How Cisco is using technology to change the way it delivers value.

Together with Don Schuerman, CTO and VP of Product Marketing at Pega, Gilles spoke in concrete terms about what Cisco is doing to break down barriers between people, businesses, and things – and about how it’s going so far:

“For some of the processes we have, we managed to reduce cost by a factor of four … and eliminated 93% of touches,” he stated.

The paradox of technology

“In the digital world we live in, in too many places technology keeps us separate from our customers … but the paradox here is, if you do it right, technology can be the very thing that brings you closer to your customers,” Don said in his opening remarks.

As the session unfolded, it became clear that Cisco had already begun implementing a more human approach to customer experience, and Gilles spoke of some of the approaches they were using.

Connection replacing complexity

Asked what it meant to him, at Cisco, to deliver the highest level of human experience to the customer, Gilles answered that it was most important to be sure to connect to the customer. Having the technologies that give them the context of the customer, including the history, make it possible to provide information that’s truly relevant.

As Gilles pointed out, in an SaaS business, customer experience is critical, since unhappy customers can simply walk away. The new model goes beyond selling or service: What they’re really selling is a business outcome, and the way it’s delivered becomes much more important than the physical product.

Simplification is key

Questioned about how Cisco handles the challenge of balancing legacy systems with the need to move quickly, Gilles emphasized the importance of simplifying processes dramatically. Once you simplify, you’ll know which key systems and key integration are still relevant, and that will allow you to accelerate the time it takes to digitize the process.

In addition, simplification allows you to extract the rules. Since some of the rules are embedded in the process, this allows you to expose the rules and encourage engagement in the process.

Concierge service at scale

Another Cisco innovation is intelligent routing, where the system routes the customer to the “best available agent,” based on history with the customer, competencies, and performance with this type of issue. According to Gilles, this allows “white glove service” at a very low cost – and definitely a more human experience.

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