PegaWorld 2018: Man vs. Machine: Who will rule for Service and Sales? (Video)

With some estimates claiming that 80% of businesses are planning to deploy chatbots by 2020, its easy to think that chatbots have already climbed out of the trough of disillusionment and have reached the plateau of productivity, where users will utilize them consistently instead of alternatives. But, while both consumers and sales professionals alike will always value a faster self-service option for doing things, all things being equal, their intolerance for bad experiences will remain high, particularly as alternatives to chatbots (other channels and knowledge sources) continue to be freely available (and often free!). If the path to successful business outcomes continues to be narrow, what are the options available to the business to ensure that a chatbot investment will be successful? Join us as we explore those options, outlining the areas where we believe full automation will win, where the human will win, and the interesting cross-overs where the two in tandem will ultimately lead to sustainable, economical and profitable outcomes for your service and sales functions.


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