PegaWorld 2018: IsBank: Crossing the chasm to personalized, unbound marketing (Video)

Today’s consumer does not tolerate irrelevant marketing, or awkward experiences – it’s not in their DNA. One ill-timed or inappropriate message and they’ll tune you out forever – even if you have the best product. Marketing leaders are differentiating their brands by delivering hyper-personalized, relevant, and contextual messages; exactly when they’re needed, on the customer’s preferred channel. But you already know all of this. So the real question is… how do you do that? What do you need to do to get from point A to point B? Join us as IsBank describes their journey from traditional campaign and segmentation approaches to always-on, one-to-one marketing. We’ll examine: • How they leverage AI/machine learning, predictive intelligence, and advanced analytics to improve marketing performance • How they’re unifying engagement strategies across channels • The business outcomes generated from using a one-to-one, channel-less, approach • What’s next? Where’s is IsBank going from here


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