Pegaworld 2016: Improving Care Management with Streamlined Utilization Management Request Intake at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Video)

"Anthem is a large shop of Pega and just within my portfolio alone, I have five Pega applications. I have over 100 plus resources working in Pega. As I look back, all our solutions in Pega have been successful."

    – Shalima Pannikode, Staff Vice President Medical Care Management, Anthem

Anthem Care Management Solutions (ACMS), a multifaceted, multiyear project designed to improve the structure and process of care management and its supporting systems, recently leveraged new technology through the development and implementation of an enterprise solution to streamline the intake of Utilization Management requests. This pilot for this solution, called the Pega Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, launched at the beginning of September and has already positively impacted the business and its customers.


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