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Scot Kinser, Pegasystems Alliance Leader, EY,

As the emergence of new channels and technology accelerates, modern enterprises need to drive continuous digitization and transformation. The power of Pega technology, combined with EY’s thought leadership and implementation capabilities, bring efficiency through digital process automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

EY’s global focus on business innovation and Pega’s dedication to streamlining business and enhancing customer engagement can help clients enhance customer service; use digital process optimization to perform work efficiently in a digital world; deploy robotics and intelligent automation to improve how work is done; and use big data analytics to facilitate insightful decision making in real time.

EY sessions at PegaWorld

As a leading Pega strategic partner, EY is excited to be a Diamond sponsor of PegaWorld 2019, the world’s largest intelligent automation event. To hear first-hand from our leaders about how EY and Pega help clients address some of their most complex challenges, attend our thought-provoking session:

Stop Listening to Your Heart, Let Workforce Intelligence Guide You

Workforce Intelligence data is providing a wealth of operational information for enterprises. Join EY’s experts as they share how to use Workforce Intelligence data to create new opportunities for operational efficiencies and competitive advantage.

Demos and Solutions

Stop by Booth #2 at the Tech Pavilion to get insights into solutions for your most challenging business issues, and learn how EY is helping clients use digital solutions to create new opportunities.

  • CLM/KYC integration with AI and machine learning: EY’s integrated Pega CLM platform is a comprehensive automated, standardized, and operationally-efficient Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process that provides a range of benefits, including faster onboarding and refresh process times, improved regulatory posture, a decrease in human error, and an enhanced customer experience.
  • Complaints management with natural language processing (NLP): Learn how EY and Pega are managing complaints using multichannel NLP.
  • A Service Wizard for REST: Building a REST service takes time. The EY Service Wizard for REST provides developers with the ability to automate REST service rules through an easy-to-use interface – saving time, reducing errors, and resulting in standard, re-usable, extendable applications.
  • Pigs in Pipes with Pega: Oil and gas pipelines are huge physical networks, stretching across the U.S. and transporting everything from cooking to crude oil. The maintenance of these networks today requires manual tracking and intervention – people in pickups tracking “pigs” in pipes.Pega can use the data, apply analytics, and discover efficiencies as well as predict issues and proactively send people to do work.
  • Fraud Validation in Fintech using Pega: With increases in fraud claims and the complexity of cyber threats, transformation of the claims process is required to reduce confusion and decrease volumes. EY and Pega can provide transparency and make security part of the user experience while embedding customer protection into product and service offerings and enabling enhanced decision-making.

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About the Author

Scot Kinser leads EY’s Pegasystems Alliance Strategy and Delivery Competency. As well as supporting the growth of the alliance and managing the relationship, his background in integration, process, and technical solution architecture helps him successfully understand and analyze a client’s business in order to drive value for those using Pega technology.