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Bemerkenswert ist eine Untertreibung. Unsere branchenführenden Lösungen helfen den größten Unternehmen der Welt, Anwendungen für die Zukunft zu erstellen.

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Pegasystems CEO Alan Trefler Shares How A Childhood Job Of Restoring Antiques Helped Him Become A Billionaire

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What open banking really means for business leaders

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Customer experience meets your excellence: How to edge out the competition

| Mybusiness

Pega’s Michael Evans comments on recent Pega survey findings and warns that companies either need to prioritize their customer service or risk being left behind

| Technology Decisions

Pega's recent global survey finds consumers are still skeptical of AI, so companies need to overcome negative perceptions of AI and focus on improving their customer service

| CMS Wire

Pega’s Jeff Nicholson describes how poor service impacts both businesses and consumers, and suggests how friction can be avoided

| Forbes

Pega’s Georges Anidjar comments on recent Pega research findings that say most consumers are not happy with customer service

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At PegaWorld, Shep Hyken discussed five ways to eliminate friction in customer experiences

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Pega named as the best solution for overall digital business transformation

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Recent Pega study finds German consumers are frustrated with customer service while businesses disagree

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Pega’s Don Schuerman explains how combining RPA and BPM for true transformation creates better customer experiences

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Pega’s Jeff Nicholson discusses where friction exists in customer and employee experiences

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Recent Pega study finds customers are unimpressed with customer service

| Destination CRM

Dr. Rob Walker introduces the new Customer Empathy Advisor and AI Connectors, bringing more empathy to AI technology.

| Enterprise Times

Pega’s Kerim Akgonul explains new messaging capabilities for Pega Customer Service, as well as where the customer service industry is headed.

| Forbes

Alan Trefler discusses the significance of empathy in technology industry leaders

| Comarketing News

Pega study finds companies are disconnected from customers and overestimate their quality of customer service

| Manage It

Pega research finds German consumers disagree with companies over the success of their customer service

| Relation Client Mag

Pega study finds a considerable gap between the views of executives and customers on customer service quality

| One to One

Recent Pega study finds consumers don’t believe customer service agents know enough about them

| IT Daily

Pega research provides insights into companies’ customer service challenges

| Finanzwelt

Pega’s Kay Knoche comments on recent Pega research findings

| TechTarget

Pega's recent acquisition of In The Chat to improve customer service capabilities.

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Pega research finds that organizations don’t meet customers’ expectations of service

| Customer First

Recent Pega research shows the divide between customers’ and companies’ perspectives of service experiences

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Customer frustrations come down to a lack of communication, finds Pega study

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Pega’s Mark Jackson explains that while AI can cut costs, customer service can be neglected in the process

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Employees don’t believe their companies overestimate the quality of their service, finds Pega research