• Operational Excellence, Workforce Optimization | Operations

    Cisco Increases Resolution Speed by 70%

    Enterprise work management with Pega Rules Engine has enabled Cisco to grow in new markets by accounting for local laws and consumer preferences.

  • Customer Service, Operational Excellence | Customer Service

    Cisco Provides World Class Customer Service With Pega

    By Partnering with Pega, Cisco has digitized their customer service function to provide real-time “sense and respond” across their global service chain.

  • Operational Excellence, Business Agility, Operational Excellence | Platform

    How the U.K.’s DEFRA Enhanced its Rapid Incident Response

    With Pega’s Build for Change Technology™ and patented specialisation capabilities, DEFRA is able to tailor its own processes, such as managing immunisations for animals and tracking their locations across the country, to address potential incidents more efficiently.

  • Customer Retention | Marketing

    EE Quadruples Successful Offers to Customers

    Learn how EE leveraged Pega Marketing for Communications for customer retention management and to increase customer lifetime value.

  • Customer Service, Operational Excellence | Sales Automation

    Farmers Insurance: Complex Quotes in 14 Minutes Instead of 14 Days

    Leveraging BPM technology from Pega, Farmers took control of its small commercial insurance application process by eliminating the factors that slowed down business. They re-created and streamlined the new business cycle.

  • Operations

    Heathrow Airport: Improving Real-Time Operations

    Heathrow hired Pega for its ability to capture business objectives and setup BPM systems along with their workflow management requirements.

  • Operational Excellence, Customer Service | Customer Service

    HSBC: Retaining Customers With a Local Touch

    HSBC sought ways to standardize operations so their clients would receive the same attention and feel that is expected of a local bank.

  • Operational Excellence, Workforce Optimization | Platform

    Işbank Optimizes Over 500 Processes, Gaining Over 30% Efficiency Across the Enterprise

    Işbank used Pega’s Build for Change® technology to streamline application development by 60%, allowing them to build 14 applications in two years.

  • Customer Service

    JPMorgan Chase: Putting Customers First in a Global Platform

    JPMorgan and Pega combined forces to develop a strategy for bringing the systems and operations together into an integrated global platform.

  • Customer Service | Customer Service

    Kaiser Permanente: $100M in Savings Over 10 Years

    Pega enabled Kaiser to meet their strategic objectives including: leveraging BPM best practices, simplifying the overall workflow, creating a common design across all call types, and allowing the service team to stay focused on the customers.