Case Study

Zimmer Biomet integrates systems following a merger

  • Integrated four separate systems following a merger

  • Incorporated real-time elements into messaging infrastructure and improved workload distribution

  • Improved time to resolution

“We see the alignment when you see the foundational case management solution in place. It's a global platform. You start to see things that you didn't even think of before as capabilities.”

The Business Issue

Zimmer Biomet was born when Zimmer merged with Biomet. The medical device manufacturers were therefore facing the need to integrate disparate systems. Integrating multiple platforms is time-consuming, and the business was losing a lot of time on non-core work. They wanted to shorten the lifecycle of their ability to deliver.

The company was using a custom Java infrastructure to handle case management, but it was hard to scale. When the procedure caseload doubled overnight, they needed to find a scalable case management system that could also integrate with their legacy systems.

The Solution

Pega helped Zimmer Biomet rethink their approach. Educating the Zimmer Biomet teams on best practices, Pega helped to inspire their adoption of agile methodology over waterfall. Pega also helped to determine relevant metrics and commitment to deliver.

Applying the new approach and using Pega’s case management technology, Zimmer Biomet accomplished its master integration. Pega’s case management solution provides the company the ability to work with legacy IT and the scalability they need.

The Results

Working with Pega, Zimmer Biomet achieved:

  • A successful master system integration
  • Greater time and cost efficiency
  • Better scalability to support ongoing growth
  • Reduced lifecycle to deliverability

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