Case Study

Vodafone: Transforming to always-on customer engagement

  • 300% improvement in offer acceptance
  • £1 increase in ARPU, per customer, per month
  • £100M+ incremental profit, annually
"We can forget about the channel. Channel is irrelevant. We're available in any channel the customer wants...We have genuine, relevant, one-to-one communications, personalized to the individual – making decisions based on what happened half a second ago."

The Business Issue

Vodafone’s customers, now more than ever, follow a non-linear, cross-channel, and increasingly digital-first journey when making purchase decisions.

However, previous technologies limited Vodafone’s ability to combine inbound and outbound marketing or engage on a one-to-one basis – making it difficult to meet their customers’ demands.

Vodafone was siloed in their marketing channels, using audience-based segmentation with limited context. Their vision was to transform to an “Always-on Engagement” model, delivering hyper-personalized and meaningful content during every interaction – on every channel, in real-time.

The Solution

With Pega Marketing and the Customer Decision Hub, Vodafone has been able to integrate their inbound and outbound channels, including call centers, retail stores, web and mobile, IVR, and most recently their campaign management program.

Vodafone uses Pega to monitor customer events in real time, determine which of these events require action, and personalize and deliver responses accordingly – ultimately enabling Vodafone to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

The Results

During their tenure as a Pega customer, Vodafone has seen fantastic performance gains, including:

  • 25% increase in campaign response rates
  • 5% increase in customer retention rates
  • 20% increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • 40% revenue growth

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  • Industry: Communications Service Providers
  • Product Area: Marketing
  • Challenge: Cross-Selling/Up-Selling
  • Challenge: Customer Retention