TransCelerate BioPharma Inc.

Case Study

TransCelerate BioPharma, Inc.: A secure, automated drug comparator network

  • Retired manual process
  • Developed Reliable means for sourcing drugs for clinical trials
  • Standardized workflows across member companies
"The biggest reason we chose Pega was the security aspect. We could not have companies seeing other companies’ transactions. Pega worked really well for that."

The Business Issue

To prove they provide improved efficacy and safety, trials of new drugs for FDA approval must be compared with established therapies. Results from these comparison studies are used later by pharmaceutical companies to market the new drug. Member companies are competitors in the same market, thus, transaction security and access are primary concerns.

TransCelerate needed an expandable and agile platform that could dynamically adjust to unforeseen changes in the R&D market and maintain member confidentiality. TransCelerate chose Pega based on its ability to quickly develop an agile solution, and keep competitor data secure.

The Solution

TransCelerate chose Pega for its ability to manage tight deadlines and for its Pega BPM and case management, where each transaction is a case. Securely compartmentalized transactions ensure that only member companies participating in the process have access.

Pega Cloud provides TransCelerate a company-neutral provisioning for future expansion of its application offerings, providing the high availability and scalability the member companies demand.

The Results

Using the Pega Platform, pharmaceutical companies collaborated, captured requirements, defined industry best practices, and implemented a solution that securely and privately orchestrates member transactions. Pega also fully automated manual processes among partners.

Pega Cloud also enabled TransCelerate’s member companies to experience reduced costs, improved safety, and faster time to market. TransCelerate has also developed a sense of trust amongst its members and is scaling quickly.

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