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Texas Department of Transportation: A Faster, More Effective Way to Transform Legacy Systems

A faster, more effective way to transform legacy systems. | 5:57

The Challenge

After running the same processes for 30+ years on mainframes, an audit made it painfully clear to the Austin-based Texas Department of Transportation that its technology was out of date.

With 21 divisions and more than 12,000 employees, the busy agency decided to start its modernization efforts with its Construction Division, which allocates state funds for use in road projects. Specifically, the division needed to modernize its inefficient and hard-to-use Estimate & Letting System (ELS) to ensure that budget was maximized.

The Solution

Texas Department of Transportation determined that Pega offers a faster and more effective way to transform aging legacy systems than either packaged applications or internal development options. Using Pega’s advanced Build for Change® technology and iBridge Group delivery services, Texas Department of Transportation revitalized its ELS system, automating many processes, making it easier to use and better able to manage change.

The Results

In just one year, the project has generated a lot of excitement. By automating several steps and enforcing key policies, the Texas Department of Transportation can react to economic and departmental changes faster and address those smaller jobs that were often overlooked – and most of all, utilize and maximize its budget dollars. The system has also enabled Texas Department of Transportation to:

  • Develop new applications two times faster than industry average
  • Provide contract estimates that are accurate within 2-3% of actual costs
  • Avoid missed opportunities because of changing timelines
  • Provide a user friendly system with intuitive, step-by-step processes

The Texas Department of Transportation realized such significant process improvements and time-to-value from this project that it has decided to standardize all of its application development on Pega.

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