Telerx builds ultimate security into its new platform

Telerx builds ultimate security into its new platform

Telerx manages over 10 million complex and sensitive customer interactions each year for more than 700 well-known pharma, consumer product and healthcare brands. More than 90 percent of Telerx customers are regulated by the FDA, making compliance and privacy critically important.

Historically, Telerx developed standalone custom-coded solutions to try and address each client's unique needs, but it was difficult to maintain and make changes. The company began looking for technology that would improve customer experience while lowering overall business costs.

Telerx was impressed not only by the agility of Pega solutions, but also the focus and emphasis Pega places on security, and selected Pega as the foundation of their new servicing platform. The Pega solution delivers industry-leading business process management, with rich support for customer relationship management across all channels.

Telerx deployed their applications using Pega Cloud in support of their patient adherence program, which helps patients maintain their prescribed drug treatments and other rehabilitation services.

"Our customers require a higher level of security, and Pegasystems exceeds those requirements."

Dave Hodge, Senior Vice President, IT, Telerx

Leveraging Pega's collaborative DCO technology and deploying on Pega Cloud, Telerx can rapidly deploy new solutions and onboard new clients. Additional benefits include:

  • Double digit lift in vaccine access and reimbursement

  • Improved patient wellness

  • Documentation time by agents reduced about 50%

  • More time for representatives to be conversational

  • Time to market reduced by around 50%

Satisfy More Customers

Satisfy More Customers

Pega is the #1 customer service solution for the enterprise.

World-Class Service

World-Class Service

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