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Case Study

Scotiabank: Accelerating engagement with agile AI


  • Commercial accounts opened < 20 minutes
  • 50% Reduction in deployment time
  • 18-Day Onboarding reduced to 8 minutes

The Business Issue

Scotiabank needed to evolve. Digital natives and Fintechs were disrupting the industry with a new, customer-first, ideology.

Banking was no longer a Monday-Friday business; it was about being available 24/7, 365 – wherever and whenever the customer came calling. This required a drastically different environment than Scotia’s legacy systems were designed to handle.

Agility was the key. Scotia had to embrace real-time, personalized engagement - which meant getting new products, offers, and services to market faster, removing inefficiencies, and automating the decision-making process.

The Solution

Using Pega’s Customer Decision Hub, Pega Marketing, Pega Customer Service, and the Pega Platform, Scotia developed their “Digital Factory” – an agile laboratory they could use to bring new products and experiences to market in record time.

AI interpreted each new piece of customer data it received, evaluated their unique situation, and provided a Next-Best-Action recommendation – such as marketing offers, service tasks, experience builders, or journey improvements.

The system learned from every response, consistently getting smarter and making better decisions as it interacted across channels.

The Results

Scotiabank implemented their Customer Decision Hub in less than 2 months. Prior to Pega, they selected which offers to show customers based on 4-5 week old, segment-level information – and the lag in data had depressed their results. Often by the time they engaged the customer, it was too late – they had missed the window of opportunity, as the customer’s needs had changed. With Pega:

  • 8 Week agile deployment
  • Next-Best-Actions personalized in real-time
  • More data processed monthly than in 185-year history combined
  • 11,000 Agents using the Pega Platform
  • Financial Services
  • Marketing
Scotiabank: Revolutionizing Customer Experience | 2:19

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