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Case Study

Royal Bank of Scotland Group: Delivering Personalized Customer Experiences


  • 100+ Customer journeys supported
  • 20% Increase in mortgage retention
  • Web-to-branch transition increased from 0% to 40%
  • 10-1 ROI from next best action in 2015

The Business Issue

Following the global financial crisis, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was in a hyper-competitive market; it needed to work harder to attract and retain profitable customers. To build a strong base of retail accounts, the bank had to implement a personalized marketing approach – enhancing customer relationships to become more effective.

The Solution

RBS knew the value of data but needed to unify that data across channels, leveraging customer context to maxmize impact. The Pega Marketing Application, powered by the omni-channel Customer Decision Hub, would enable RBS to interact with its 17 million customers using a personalized, one-to-one approach.

RBS integrated personalized next best action recommendations into its Web, branch, contact center, and outbound channels. Those recommendations weren’t limited to sales – instead, they were designed to drive informed conversations to serve customers, rather than just sell. The organization designed more than 100 unique journeys to enhance the customer experience; these would present personalized offers and messaging during each of the bank’s two billion-plus customer interactions each year.

The Results

Having re-built its customer approach around the concept of what it calls “Personology,” RBS now presents relevant content to customers in real-time, across both inbound and outbound channels. The Agile capabilities built into the Pega platform allows the bank to review and approve programs rapidly – in days, rather than months. In addition, personalization on the bank’s Web channels, which includes millions of customer interactions each day, has a direct revenue impact. Mortgage retention has improved 20%, and 40% of branch appointments are scheduled online - up from 0% a few years ago.

The bank’s investment in Pega had provided the intelligence and guidance required to power high-value conversations in its agent-facing channels. Branch staff have found that, in addition to highly relevant recommendations, even something as simple as a customer “Happy Birthday” message drives a deeper, more personalized conversation, and increases loyalty.

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  • Marketing
Learn how RBS is using decisioning to deliver a personalized customer experience. | 6:25

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