Case Study

Game-Changing Experiences At Optus

Getting Offers To Market, 90% Faster | 2:12

The Business Issue

Achieving Customer Relevance, At Scale

Optus is 2nd largest communications provider in Australia, with 10M customers and 8000+ employees.

The marketing team at Optus would typically execute 250+ campaigns a month – each of those going out to millions of customers across multiple channels. The telco needed to achieve speed and performance at scale, to ensure those campaigns were truly relevant for customers. Past problems with timing, cadence, and distributed learning had impacted conversion – customers were often presented with offers they’d already declined in another channel, or products they’d already purchased days before.

The Solution

After evaluating 22 vendors, Optus selected Pega Marketing for 3 main reasons:

  • Pega was the only provider willing to commit to the telco’s aggressive speed and performance requirements
  • The Pega Marketing solution could deliver a truly 1-1, contextual experience – in real time, personalized for each individual.
  • Pega could provide all the required capabilities within a single, consolidated platform.

The Results

Getting Offers To Market, 90% Faster

By integrating CRM and mobile with Pega Marketing, any customer interaction can now be enriched with next best action – increasing its relevance, and getting Optus to market much faster:

  • 1-1, real-time, contextual offers in less than 200 ms
  • New offers launched in 24 Hours
  • Campaign time-to-market decreased by 90%
  • Increased relevance with geo-fencing
  • 90% faster net promoter setup
  • Communications Service Providers
  • Marketing

  • Quick Guide for CSPs

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  • Pegaworld Session Replay

    Hear how Optus is delivering increased conversion rates and sales value through a consistent customer conversation across channels.

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    See Pega’s Customer Engagement Platform in action.

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