Case Study

MGEN’s Global Enterprise Transformation

The Business Issue

MGEN, a leading provider of health and supplementary benefits in France, found that its fragmented sales and customer services processes could not keep up with rapidly shifting market demands. Increased competition, new product opportunities, and consumer omni-channel expectations led MGEN to embark on a “Global Enterprise Transformation” project for sales and customer service.

The Solution

MGEN used Pega’s Customer Service for Healthcare to provide a common customer service platform that improved service response, consistency, efficiency, reporting, and alignment across all channels.

The Results

  • Reduced average handling time of appointment by a third
  • Decreased overall customer response time, improved overall call center service, and productivity through rapid access to reliable information in the 360-degree view (consolidated information from an average of 15 other systems)
  • Provided comprehensive, integrated statistics on the customer journey, campaigns, and new opportunities
  • Enabled the front and back office to sell to and support customers more efficiently
  • Integrated the sales process and call center to improve customer scheduling and provide consistent 360-degree information at all points of contact
  • Healthcare
  • Customer Service
MGEN transforms into a global enterprise. | 47:28

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