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Case Study

Elisa bridges omni-channel gaps

"By implementing Pega, we’re filling the holes in each interaction so we can say to our customers, ‘We know you, we understand you,’ and there’s no gap in their experience."

Suyash Mittal TCS Solution Architect, Elisa

The Business Issue

Elisa, Finland’s wireless market leader, has been using Pega to power next best actions on its Web channel since 2009. Over time, the company has expanded its investment to drive customer care and win-back in the call center, optimize outbound e-mail and SMS performance, and spur improvements in NPS. But because its inbound and outbound marketing systems were managed by different groups with dissimilar mandates, the two had never been integrated. That led to gaps in customer insight and marketing approach — and a disjointed experience for customers.

The Solution

Elisa’s vision was to create an omni-channel environment in which each customer interaction was relevant, timely, and consistent – and customers could migrate seamlessly to their preferred channel, without losing context. The company makes heavy use of predictive analytics and utilizes Pega’s self-learning adaptive models to add intelligence to customer interactions. The resulting “real-time interaction database” orchestrates actions across channels, including e-mail, SMS, telesales, Web, call center, and retail outlets.

The Results

Elisa has already seen a significant impact on its business. Major improvements include:

  • 20-times increase in offers presented
  • 150-times growth in banner click-throughs
  • 600% boost in e-mail click-throughs
  • 500% rise in telesales conversion

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  • Industry: Communications Service Providers
  • Product Area: Marketing
  • Challenge: Customer Retention