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Case Study

British Gas: Unified Marketing Unlocks Value


  • 20 million billing name acquisitions in three hours
  • 20 million SLA simulations in three hours
  • One billion simulated offers in three hours

The Business Issue

British Gas had historically used a product ladder marketing strategy, executed through push communications. The utility realized that reengineering its customer decisioning platform would unlock key improvements for customers and create more value from the company’s significant data assets.

The Solution

Using Pega Marketing, British Gas mapped out a phased approach to transform its siloed customer decisioning environment to a unified platform for contextual, multi-channel messaging.

Within five months of initiating the project, British Gas had deployed the cloud-based messaging solution and the cloud infrastructure for Phases 2 and 3. Phase 1 reporting features now provide data on the outcomes of all sell, cross-sell, and upsell communications.

The Results

  • Reduced data lag time 85%
  • Enabled 20% more customer conversions in first three months
  • Multimillion-pound savings from new technology

The reengineered platform offers British Gas a strategic, two-way channel for intelligent customer conversations and engagement.

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British Gas has a vision of real-time conversations with their customers. | 5:23

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