• Business Agility, Legacy System Innovation | Customer Service

    Alfa-Bank: 4x Reduction in Servicing Time

    By using Pega’s Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO) tool and use of a more Agile methodology to take advantage of the ability to rapidly deploy new functionality, the bank was able to significantly increase speed to market.

  • Customer Service | Customer Service

    American Express Exceeds Customer Expectations

    Pega helped American Express build a platform designed to exceed customer expectations; the results, satisfaction increased 300% and spend increased 10%.

  • Customer Service, Operational Excellence | Platform

    ANZ Transforms Global Business Operations With Pega

    To drive ANZ’s super-regional strategy, they implemented nine Pega applications across 11 geographies, covering 3,000 users who are managing over five million customer interactions a year.

  • Cross-Selling/Up-Selling, Customer Loyalty, Customer Retention | Marketing

    CBA: Calculating the Next Best Conversation

    CBA implemented the Pega Customer Decision Hub with the goal of driving real-time ‘Next Best Conversations’ for each customer, and interacting with them during moments of need – when those individuals were engaged, and ready to listen.

  • Operational Excellence, Customer Service | Customer Service

    HSBC: Retaining Customers With a Local Touch

    HSBC sought ways to standardize operations so their clients would receive the same attention and feel that is expected of a local bank.

  • Client Onboarding, Business Agility | Sales Automation

    IHS Markit: Easing KYC for Thousands of Banks

    To power kyc.com, Markit and Genpact decided to use Pega 7 Case Management and CRM to manage the creation and maintenance of its KYC and FATCA profiles. This has resulted in speed to market when incorporating new jurisdictions, financial institutions, and end customers.

  • Operational Excellence, Workforce Optimization | Platform

    Işbank Optimizes Over 500 Processes, Gaining Over 30% Efficiency Across the Enterprise

    Işbank used Pega’s Build for Change® technology to streamline application development by 60%, allowing them to build 14 applications in two years.

  • Customer Service

    JPMorgan Chase: Putting Customers First in a Global Platform

    JPMorgan and Pega combined forces to develop a strategy for bringing the systems and operations together into an integrated global platform.

  • Platform

    Rapid delivery with the Pega Customer Decision Hub

    A large Canadian bank successfully created four Next-Best-Action offers for its online and mobile channels with Pega’s Customer Decision Hub in less than eight weeks.

  • Customer Service, Operational Excellence | Platform

    ME Transforms Itself Into Australia’s Best Digital Bank

    See how the Pega 7 Platform helped ME Bank transform its strategy, reduce cycle time, and become Australia's best digital bank.