• Cross-Selling/Up-Selling, Business Agility, Operational Excellence | Marketing

    British Gas: Unified Marketing Unlocks Value

    Using Pega Marketing, British Gas mapped out a phased approach to transform its siloed customer decisioning environment to a unified platform for contextual, multi-channel messaging.

  • Cross-Selling/Up-Selling, Customer Loyalty, Customer Retention | Marketing

    CBA: Calculating the Next Best Conversation

    CBA implemented the Pega Customer Decision Hub with the goal of driving real-time ‘Next Best Conversations’ for each customer, and interacting with them during moments of need – when those individuals were engaged, and ready to listen.

  • Customer Retention | Marketing

    EE Quadruples Successful Offers to Customers

    Learn how EE leveraged Pega Marketing for Communications for customer retention management and to increase customer lifetime value.

  • Customer Retention | Marketing

    Elisa Bridges Omni-Channel Gaps

    Elisa’s vision was to create an omni-channel environment in which each customer interaction was relevant, timely, and consistent – and customers could migrate seamlessly to their preferred channel, without losing context.

  • Customer Service, Customer Retention | Marketing

    Etisalat: Connecting the Customer Conversation

    Seeking new methods to expand marketing offers and services, Etisalat implemented Pega and Accenture’s Intelligent Customer Decisioning as-a-Service solution, which combines Pega® Marketing for Communications and Pega® Customer Decision Hub with Accenture’s consulting, managed services, and deep industry expertise across technology, digital, and marketing.

  • Customer Retention | Marketing

    Oi: Making Complex Marketing Simpler and More Effective

    Oi used Pega Marketing to create one unified, efficient system across 22 operations, 9,000 call center agents, and 1,000 stores, complete with AI-powered next best actions that guide an agent to make the right offer at the right time.

  • Marketing

    Game-Changing Experiences At Optus

    With Pega Marketing, Optus integrated CRM and mobile to decrease campaign time-to-market by 90%.

  • Operational Excellence, Workforce Optimization | Marketing

    PNC: Compelling, Data-Driven Customer Experiences

    PNC set out to build a compelling customer experience with data, analytics, and customer insight at its core. The result: the Customer Interaction Management (CIM) System, which provides a 360° view of the customer and is built on Pega technology.

  • Customer Service, Operational Excellence, Customer Loyalty | Marketing

    Royal Bank of Scotland Group: Delivering Personalized Customer Experiences

    Having re-built its customer approach around the concept of what it calls “Personology,” RBS now presents relevant content to customers in real-time, across both inbound and outbound channels.

  • Cross-Selling/Up-Selling, Customer Acquisition, Customer Service | Marketing

    Scotiabank: Accelerating engagement with agile AI

    Using Pega’s Customer Decision Hub, Pega Marketing, Pega Customer Service, and the Pega Platform, Scotia developed their “Digital Factory” – an agile laboratory they could use to bring new products and experiences to market in record time.