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    EE Quadruples Successful Offers to Customers

    Learn how EE leveraged Pega Marketing for Communications for customer retention management and to increase customer lifetime value.

  • Customer Retention | Marketing

    Oi: Driving Customer Retention and Increasing Profitability

    With Pega Marketing, Oi has delivered significant improvements in customer retention and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) while reducing retention costs.

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    PNC: Compelling, Data-Driven Customer Experiences

    PNC set out to build a compelling customer experience with data, analytics, and customer insight at its core. The result: the Customer Interaction Management (CIM) System, which provides a 360° view of the customer and is built on Pega technology.

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    Royal Bank of Scotland Group: Delivering Personalized Customer Experiences

    Having re-built its customer approach around the concept of what it calls “Personology,” RBS now presents relevant content to customers in real-time, across both inbound and outbound channels.

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    Sprint: Achieving World-Class Retention in Record Time

    In just 90 days Sprint implement Pega’s Marketing for Communications solution, leveraging predictive and self-learning analytics and prebuilt retention processes, to identify customers at risk of churn and proactively provide personalized retention offers.

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    Transavia Creates Memorable Experiences With Pega CRM

    With Pega CRM, Transaivia built TIP – Transavia Interaction Platform. Armed with smart data, employees know what Transavia’s customers want and are able to offer relevant services and sales throughout the entire customer journey.

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    Deutsche Bank

    Deutsche Bank is Germany’s leading bank, with a strong position in Europe and a significant presence in the Americas and Asia Pacific.

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    Etisalat is the UAE's leading telecommunications operator and one of the largest corporations in the GCC.