Customer relationship management applications

The next generation of customer relationship management applications.

In an increasingly complex global market, it’s no longer enough for organizations to deliver a quality product or excellent customer service – successful companies must provide an outstanding customer experience. This mandate has led many of the world’s most competitive companies to reexamine their customer relationship management applications (CRM applications). As customers have access to more choices and channels – and the ability to quickly switch when they are unsatisfied with a provider – traditional customer relationship management applications have failed to evolve with the market. Most relationship management applications are heavily data-focused and lack the capabilities to meet a company’s complex needs.


CRM Evolved

Can you keep up with always-improving technology and ever-growing customer demands? See how CRM evolved helps your business do more, faster.


Pega vs. Salesforce for Customer Service

Customer service solution buyers report growing pressure from their colleagues utilizing’s Sales Cloud to also adopt Service Cloud to offset price increases. Customer service professionals should, however, think twice.

To provide a truly exceptional customer experience – where customer needs and concerns are met at the right time with the right answer across all appropriate channels – more companies today are choosing relationship management solutions from Pegasystems.

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Relationship management applications to engage customers for life.

Pegasystems gives companies the tools to create a new level of excellence in the customer experience. By moving beyond data-center CRM software to a customer-centric approach that balances customer intentions with business objectives, Pegasystems’ customer relationship management solution enables organizations to consistently transform customer experience across all channels and touch points. Pegasystems’s applications automate processes, transform existing CRM assets, and fulfill customer requests with superior case management capabilities. Most importantly, Pegasystems’s CRM system uses analytics to understand and predict customer behaviors, allowing call center reps to make the right offer and deliver the right information at the right time. Ultimately, Pegasystems customer relationship management applications help maximize the value of every interaction by delivering consistency across channels and matching the intentions of both customer and business for increased loyalty, improved productivity and greater growth.

Benefits of Pegasystems’ relationship management and call center applications.

With call center solutions and relationship applications from Pegasystems, companies can:

  • Improve the quality, efficiency and consistency of management of customer experience by unifying strategies across all channels.
  • Deliver the right solution or offer in every contact through advanced analytics, dynamic processes and real-time decisioning.
  •  Increase first-contact resolution and enable improved self-service through integrated front-to-back office processes and intelligent guidance.
  • Improve case management by maximizing automation and eliminating manual steps.
  • Extend functionality of existing business CRM technology through easy integration with current assets.

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