Contact center software

The right contact center software helps deliver exceptional customer experiences every time.

To maintain a competitive edge, organizations today must provide customers with an outstanding experience every time they make contact. Diminishing brand loyalty and the ease with which customers can change providers means that companies must ensure a consistently exceptional experience for customers across all channels. The right contact center software can help by enabling representatives to more intelligently and efficiently managing customer relationships. With superior contact center software, companies can move beyond data-centric CRM software to an approach that balances customer intentions with strategic business objectives.


CRM Evolved

Can you keep up with always-improving technology and ever-growing customer demands? See how CRM evolved helps your business do more, faster.


Pega vs. Salesforce for Customer Service

Customer service solution buyers report growing pressure from their colleagues utilizing’s Sales Cloud to also adopt Service Cloud to offset price increases. Customer service professionals should, however, think twice.

For companies seeking innovative contact center software, Pegasystems’ revolutionary CRM software delivers exceptional customer experiences while decreasing costs.

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Pegasystems contact center software rapidly transforms the customer experience.

Pegasystems is one of the world’s leading providers of contact center software and business customer relationship management (business CRM) solutions. Pegasystems’ revolutionary customer relationship management systems help transform the contact center and build long-lasting, profitable relationships with customers. With Pegasystems’ contact center solutions, businesses can:

  • Interact with customers over any channel, across the customer lifecycle, providing the exact right information at the exact right time.
  • Improve the performance of contact center representatives by automatically guiding them through the right process, content and presentation during each customer contact.
  • Adapt quickly to changing customer needs and business strategies, configuring processes that support business objectives.

Pegasystems’ call center software can be configured on-premise or on the cloud to help create exceptional customer experiences that improve customer satisfaction, retention and profitability.

How to revolutionize the contact center with Pegasystems CRM software.

With Pegasystems’ call center solutions, businesses can:

  • Give call center CRM agents all the information they need at the right time. Data, content, offers, policies and procedures are all presented in specific context within each interaction.
  • Improve conversions on cross-sell, up-sell and retention offers with adaptive and predictive analytics that allow contact center reps to make the most appropriate offer over any channel.
  • Turn service requirements into intelligent processes with model-driven process design. Tools designed for the business user allow businesses to quickly develop screens, process flows, rules, content and data without help from IT.
  • Deliver a consistent experience across all channels with unified channel support.
  • Fulfill customer requests more effectively and efficiently with enterprise case management tools.
  • Listen and respond to customer opinions and concerns with social media monitoring tools that help companies protect their brand.

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