Business Process Management Suite

Choosing the Right Business Process Management Suite

A business process management suite is increasingly considered an essential technology for companies striving to improve their productivity and agility in today’s difficult economic environment. For enterprises ready to invest in a BPM suite, a number of providers compete for your attention and your business. How can you decide which business process management suite is right for your company?

You can help your company make the right choice of a business process management suite by subjecting candidates to hard-nosed, business results-oriented questions such as:

  • To what degree will the business process management suite empower business users to create and improve processes, without great reliance on over-stretched IT resources?
  • How well will the business process management system work in the real world of your company’s processes and procedures, in which specific contexts may matter as much or more than abstract models?
  • How quickly will an investment in the business process management suite pay tangible dividends?


Pega 7 vs. Java Enterprise Edition Productivity Study

Download Capgemini’s Productivity Study to see how Pega 7 stacks up against Java EE for developing global, feature-rich, and mobile-enabled enterprise applications.


The Total Economic Impact of the Pega 7 Platform

Pegasystems commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a TEI study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the Pega 7 Platform.

Why Pega BPM is the Leading Business Process Management Suite

Pegasystems has been at the forefront of rules-based business automation systems since the early 1980s, a natural outgrowth of our founder’s pioneering work in computerized chess play. In recent years, as more and more businesses have concluded that business process management suites are a “must-have” technology, our BPM business has grown at twice the rate of the overall BPM market. At the same time, major analysts like Forrester and Gartner have consistently rated Pegasystems as the leader in the dynamic BPM sector.

Why? Because Pegasystems knows that what it all comes down to is delivering real-world business benefits, efficiently and quickly:

  • More so than any other process management suite, Pega BPM puts business users in control of process design and creation, while automating most of the code development and minimizing reliance on technologists.
  • Pega BPM’s patented inheritance technology enables a multi-layered process model in which a base of enterprise-wide rules and procedures are dynamically merged with an overlay of context-specific refinements suitable to particular regions, product lines, channels, or customers. This model enables you to capture in your BPM services a real-world reflecting mix of the universal and the particular.
  • To speed your time-to-benefits, Pega BPM offers a full range of industry-specific solution frameworks, based on best practices in financial services, insurance, health care, telecommunications, government, and others. For business process outsourcers, we also offer tailored BPO software and BPO solutions.

The perfect platform for enterprise-scale business performance management or business process integration initiatives as well as for more narrowly targeted pilot programs, the Pega business process management suite empowers business users, accommodates real-world variety, and pays rapid dividends.

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