Business CRM

Business CRM for the new market realities.

The Web and social media have significantly changed business customer relationship management, or business CRM. With greater power and choice, customers today can easily switch products and providers when they’re unhappy, making brand loyalty and customer retention more difficult than ever. Business CRM applications that once promised to improve customer service can no longer keep up with expanding channels and the complexities of customer needs. To stay competitive, companies require a business CRM solution that can improve the entire customer experience – across all channels, with exceptional consistency, throughout the customer lifecycle. For many of the world’s largest and most successful companies, the business CRM solution that best achieves this is Pegasystems’.

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CRM Evolved

Can you keep up with always-improving technology and ever-growing customer demands? See how CRM evolved helps your business do more, faster.


Pega vs. Salesforce for Customer Service

Customer service solution buyers report growing pressure from their colleagues utilizing’s Sales Cloud to also adopt Service Cloud to offset price increases. Customer service professionals should, however, think twice.

Pegasystems business CRM: innovative tools to create the ideal customer experience.

As a recognized leader in CRM system and contact center software, Pegasystems helps many of the world’s largest companies achieve greater customer loyalty, new levels of agility and significant business growth. Pegasystems’ business CRM software enables companies to achieve a new level of customer experience excellence. Pegasystems’ business CRM is a process-driven, customer-centric business solution that delivers the optimal customer experience while also minimizing costs. Pegasystems’ CRM software, built on a multichannel interaction management platform, helps organizations understand and adapt to customer needs in real-time, automate many workflow back-end processes, and provide customers with an exceptional multichannel experience that aligns business goals with customer needs. With Pegasystems CRM call center software, companies can consistently maximize the value of each interaction across every channel to achieve greater loyalty, productivity and growth.

The business benefits of Pegasystems CRM solution.

With Pegasystems’ innovative CRM of application, businesses can:

  • Maximize the value of each CRM interaction with predictive and adaptive analytics that let representatives make the most appropriate offer in every interaction across every channel.
  • Deliver the right information at the right time with a guided customer service desktop that presents data, content, offers and policies in context within each interaction.
  • Increase the consistency of CRM interactions across all channels with unified channel support.
  • Fill customer requests more easily and effectively with holistic enterprise case management tools.
  • Monitor social media to protect the business brand with sophisticated social channel monitoring tools.
  • Rapidly turn CRM service requirements into intelligent processes without waiting for help from IT.
  • Simulate test and monitor customer strategies with business-friendly visual design tools.
  • Embed knowledge management into each customer process to eliminate time consuming searches across multiple sources.


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