BPM Services


Pegasystems has established itself as the clear leader in business process management software in large measure because our BPM suite delivers a faster return on investment than competing platforms. The Pega BPM platform does this by easily integrating with existing IT systems based on open APIs; by providing industry-specific solution frameworks that speed application development; and by automating most application coding so that business users can drive process creation with minimal reliance on IT staff. For customers who want to get even faster and greater value out of their Pega business process management platform, Pega Professional Services offers high-value BPM services.


Pega 7 vs. Java Enterprise Edition Productivity Study

Download Capgemini’s Productivity Study to see how Pega 7 stacks up against Java EE for developing global, feature-rich, and mobile-enabled enterprise applications.


The Total Economic Impact of the Pega 7 Platform

Pegasystems commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a TEI study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the Pega 7 Platform.

A Complete Set of BPM Services

Pegasystems’ business process management services are delivered by seasoned professionals who have one overriding goal: to help you achieve your business objectives, as efficiently and quickly as possible. We offer a full range of BPM services including:

Design review. Our BPM services team works with your team side-by-side during the design phase of your BPM project, to make sure that you’re building your project on a firm foundation. Our service professionals provide valuable input not only on your design itself, but also on your design process.

Transition readiness assessment. Our Transition Readiness BPM services help you move from design to production without a hitch. We help you test and tune your BPM application, and we assess your organization’s readiness for application deployment.

Performance health check. After your BPM application has been in service for six to twelve months, the Pega BPM services team is available to perform a Performance Health Check that will inspect, analyze, and tune your system for optimal performance. What your team learns during the health check can be applied to your deployment of other process applications as well.

Usability review. Are the user interfaces in your process application helping users to accomplish their objectives, as clearly and efficiently as possible? Working with your application and with business users, the Pega BPM services team can answer this question and make recommendations for UI optimization.

BPM methodology training. Our BPM services professionals can train your team on overall BPM methodology, helping to prepare your personnel to rapidly define, develop, and deploy high quality enterprise process applications.

Centers of excellence. Pega professional services staff can help you establish a BPM Center of Excellence, an in-house team that uses best practices and tools to support business users and shepherd BPM projects to successful completion.

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