TSYS Innovation in Customer Service

Jun 06, 2017 | 3:30 PM
Grand Ballroom 119
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  • Troy Mann, Senior Director, TSYS

"The ability to automate process through the case management, you know, is a really powerful part of Pega and exposing that into a portal was a major differentiator for us to meet our needs, to meet our customers' needs."

    — Troy Mann, Senior Director, TSYS

With customer service transformation in mind, TSYS established a unique innovation for card processing customer service by leveraging Pega's Customer Service for Financial Services application in a multi-tenancy environment named TSYS Customer Service. This cutting-edge approach allows end-client Issuers to manage their own rules, leverage intelligent guidance, and drive their own omni-channel customer service strategies unique to their portfolios. TSYS also leverages the Pega Smart Dispute application for card disputes and chargebacks to deliver a more comprehensive card servicing experience.