EY: Enterprise Process Automation (EPA): A New Paradigm for Optimizing and Automating Business Outcomes

Jun 05, 2017 | 2:30 PM
Grand Ballroom 124
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  • Greg Sarafin, Americas FSO Alliances and SI Leader, EY
  • Bill Dow, Global Executive Alliance Sponsor, EY

Technology has evolved faster than the methodologies we utilize in pursuit of business process reengineering and automation. We focus too much on the linear details of a process, and not enough on the business events and outcomes we want to optimize. With EPA, the path to better business outcomes is recognizing the business events that matter and decomposing them into work objects that can be orchestrated through a series of actions and decisions, thereby fully taking advantage of modern automation technologies and driving faster time to value with higher ROI. This presentation will demonstrate how technologies such as robotics, BPM, and decisioning can work together within a broader enterprise automation paradigm.