BT Plusnet Fast-Tracks Time-To-Value with Pega Customer Service for Communications

Jun 06, 2017 | 2:30 PM
Grand Ballroom 116
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  • Graham Robinson, Chief Architect, Plusnet
  • David Leather, Chief Operating Officer, Plusnet

"We were able to take 20% of our agents out of the provisioning process and put them back to engaging customers."

    — Graham Robinson, Chief Architect, Plusnet

BT Plusnet is a Digital Services Provider in the UK and growing rapidly in a fiercely competitive and consolidating market. To equip themselves to win in these conditions, they are transforming their customer service capabilities and operations. Hear from business and IT stakeholders about how Plusnet partnered with Pega to accelerate three vital customer journeys: billing and account services, lead-to-cash and trouble-to-resolve. Using a combination of automation, intelligent guidance and process reuse for web self-service, the Plusnet team hit the boost thrusters on their transformation progress.