Pega & Ultima Digital Transformation Summit

Empower Your Enterprise. Accelerate Change.

Today’s enterprises are being challenged by technology and generational forces that are disrupting business models and putting them at risk of failure. A new generation raised on advanced technologies is bringing a new set of expectations about how they will engage - as both customers and employees. Organisations that can leverage technology, empower their employees and deliver on customers’ expectations will succeed. Those that don’t, risk failure.

To compete, companies must become Digital Enterprises, leveraging technology to engage their customers, simplify their operations and make change a competitive advantage. But getting there can be a challenge.

This summit, in conjunction with Ultima, will attract more than 100 business professionals in Turkey from across all industries to hear the latest thought leadership and best practice on digital transformation, gain insights from success stories as well as benefit from invaluable networking opportunities.

22nd October 2014 | London - See Highlights


Applications Evolved

Applications Evolved

For more than 30 years, Pegasystems has been building software that helps clients engage with their...