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Achieve New Levels of Customer Loyalty and Operational Efficiency

With Pega, you can rapidly enhance every aspect of your operations from targeting products and services to the right customers and delivering a customer-centric reservations experience to automating complex processes, implementing dynamic capacity management and increasing compliance. Major travel and hospitality companies including BAA, Carnival Cruise Lines and Expedia rely on Pega to help them increase customer loyalty, profitability and brand recognition while substantially reducing operational costs.

Increase your selling success
Pega revolutionizes sales and marketing with a unified solution for managing the entire customer relationship across every outbound and inbound channel. Pega constantly evaluates the customer, situation and your business goals to dynamically recommend the most relevant offer that will increase offer uptake and customer retention.

Optimize the customer experience in every channel
Pega’s multi-channel CRM turns marketing, sales and service strategies into dynamic processes that successfully balance customer expectations with business goals. Over every channel, Pega automatically guides the process and recommend the Next Best Action to optimize the outcome for your customer and your business. 

Achieve operational excellence across the organization
With Pega’s holistic case management, intelligent process guidance and easy integration that extends the value of current ERP systems, you gain end-to-end work automation that dynamically adjusts each process to account for specialized circumstances, requirements and regulations. 

Put the business in charge
Pega’s flexible Build for Change® technology lets you directly capture your business goals in agile processes without any coding. Business users can quickly create all of the screens, workflows, rules, real-time decisioning, content and data you need to optimize your operations.

Gain total deployment flexibility
Pega offers the ultimate in deployment flexibility, as Pega solutions can be built and deployed on the cloud or on-premise and moved transparently between these environments whenever your business demands.


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Read the Brochure: Pega CRM for Communications

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