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Pega Conflict Minerals Compliance

A Dynamic Case Management solution approach for Dodd-Frank Section 1502

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Drive Innovation and Cost Efficiency throughout Your Business

With Pega, automotive and transportation companies can transform inflexible, slow-to-respond operations into agile, intelligent processes that drive innovation at lower cost throughout the organization. From design chain, product lifecycle and supply chain management to dealer collaboration, customer service and warranty management, Pega solutions enable you to standardize your operations on an agile business platform that breaks down organizational silos and manages collaboration across the extended enterprise.

Streamline warranty management to increase efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction

Pega Warranty offers a unified approach to increase product quality and drive down claims and operational costs, while increasing customer satisfaction and cost recovery from suppliers. Intelligent work automation optimizes the process from end-to-end across all channels and devices. Resolution is faster with incoming data captured automatically and rules-driven processes providing accurate diagnosis and recommendations to resolve faults and settle claims. You can rapidly gain these benefits with Pega’s pre-built, easily configured processes, rules and other warranty management components that support industry standards.


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Pega Warranty
Pega's end-to-end Warranty Management solution offers a unified approach that increases overall product quality, driving drives down claims and operational costs, while increasing customer satisfaction and cost recovery from suppliers.

Achieve supply chain transparency to comply with conflict minerals regulations

The Dodd-Frank Act on Conflict Minerals requires annual reports on the sources of commonly used minerals in manufactured products. Pega’s Better Business Software™ streamlines the supply chain disclosure process, providing an agile environment for identifying whether or not a product contains conflict minerals and determining where the minerals originated. Intelligent work automation, rules-driven processes and a holistic view of the supply chain simplify due diligence, attestation and reporting. A real-time dashboard combined with robust, pre-defined reports and a complete audit trail makes it easy to monitor key performance indicators and gain the transparency required to comply with the legislation.


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Maximize your investment in ERP with agile Pega technology

Pega solves the problem of inflexible, hard-to-change ERP systems with rapid, easy ways to connect streamlined Pega processes to your existing systems, including SAP. With Pega, you can extend core ERP platforms to address new and changing business needs, quickly share information, find the right resources and gain real-time visibility into critical processes. Fully automate cases and case work across all channels, provide real-time decision support and guided interactions to ensure the best possible outcomes, easily determine root cause and improve compliance with robust reporting dashboards, and respond to ongoing change in days instead of weeks or months.


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Accelerate the Delivery of Your Critical Business Applications

Pega for Manufacturing provides you with a foundation layer that is optimized for building manufacturing solutions on top of Pega’s world class, Build for Change® platform. This foundation includes industry-standard data models, business processes flows, user interfaces, integration points and pre-configured application accelerators in areas such as product inquiry, parts return, repair management, that jump start the deployment of solutions for business. The solution enables best practice operational capabilities that can substantially reduce the time needed to develop tailored solutions across your entire customer and product lifecycles. The Pega platform incorporates pre-defined data model, user interfaces, processes and interaction flows into new or existing process and policy definitions to augment your existing systems. All of the foundation’s components can be easily customized and extended to meet specific business requirements


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Minimize the market impact and maximize customer satisfaction from recalls

When you face a product recall, customer safety is often a critical concern - as is regulatory and public scrutiny. You must act quickly. Current approaches are not sufficient. They leave gaps in key processes across your business, suppliers and external parties. This leaves you vulnerable to customer dissatisfaction, loss of business, and other liabilities.

Pega Recall provides a single place for tracking and managing the lifecycle of your Recall Program, while staying focused on providing the best customer experience possible. Orchestrating the process along with your internal systems, Pega manages SLAs, escalation, parts planning and real-time analytics, delivering the guidance on the best decisions to make next. Pega Recall enables you to engage each and every customer – individually. In a recall, every customer has their own personal experience, and each one must be treated with care and respect. Whether your recall affects 20 customers or 20 million, with Pega Recall, you can rest assured that each customer will be engaged throughout the process, from first engagement through to closure.


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Orchestrating people, things, and data to achieve optimum business outcomes

The proliferation of the world’s connected, smart devices has been called The Internet of Things, The Internet of Everything, and The Industrial Internet. Orchestrating these devices, along with people and data, is the natural evolution of intelligent business process management. Pega is at the center of a new era in automation, productivity and business transformation.

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Customer Stories

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