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Global manufacturers are making dramatic improvements in revenue and profitability through improvements in supply chain efficiency, customer and supplier relationships, and operational efficiency. Pega’s Build for Change technology has made it easier than ever before to maximize your business agility with flexible solutions that orchestrate and automate processes, from end-to-end, across people, systems and data sources to effectively and efficiently operate a global manufacturing operation. With Pega’s model driven approach solutions are easy to develop, maintain and adapt and integration with existing systems is simple. And, because Pega empowers business users to define the solution, business goals are always top priority.

How Pega Manufacturing Solutions Make Your Business More Agile

  • Accelerate product delivery and lower development costs by automating manual processes, increasing transparency, promoting the use of best practices, and fostering collaboration.
  • Enhance the customer experience in every channel with dynamic processes that successfully balance customer expectations with business goals.
  • Improve productivity by streamlining the entire warranty management process from product registration through diagnosis, claims processing and supplier recovery.
  • Reduce incident response time, the risks and costs of non-compliance with dynamic case management to facilitate collaboration, monitor progress, and ensure timely regulatory compliance.
  • Achieve operational excellence across the organization by extending your ERP platform with differentiated and innovative processes that leverage the data in your legacy systems.
  • Empower business users to achieve business goals with easy-to-use tools that don’t require any coding.
  • Take advantage of the ultimate in deployment flexibility; build and deploy securely on the cloud or on-premise and move transparently between these environments.

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For the Internet of Everything, Pega is The Process of Everything™ (video)

Pega is the process engine at the core of mission-critical operations for leading Fortune 500 companies—orchestrating the processes, actions and behaviors between devices, systems and people to optimize business outcomes and enhance the customer experience.

Evolution to an Adaptive Enterprise Managing 'Rapid Velocity of Change' at Cisco (video)

Cisco IT operating model has evolved over the past few years into a Large Scale Services ( LSS ) & Governed Capabilities ( GC ) architectural approach.

Pega Process Extender for SAP Business Suite (webinar)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become a critical part of your business landscape and you need to automate processes that go beyond the core ERP functions.  Learn how you can extend your ERP and systems of record in critical business processes with dynamic case management to improve agility, ease-of-use, and speed of change. A Process Excellence Network (PEX) webinar replay.

6 Step Approach to Resolving Incidents Infographic

Global competition and additional government regulations mean that they must be able to quickly define, modify, and automate processes critical to ensuring safety and compliance.

Using BPM for Real-Time Six Sigma -- A Conversation with Jabil (podcast)

In this edition of the Build for Change Digest, Jabil's Director, Lean Six Sigma, Gerry McCool discusses how Jabil is using advanced BPM to build on their organization's success with Lean Six Sigma.

Customer Success

Using Pega solutions, companies have achieved rapid and measurable value.