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"Our customers require a higher level of security, and Pegasystems exceeds those requirements."

Risk Based Adaptive Monitoring

Dynamically adapt site monitoring activities and schedules

A Better Way to Approach Clinical Trial Processes & Risk Monitoring

Disclosure Reporting: Are you Ready to Comply?

Make sure your organization is managing in accordance with the new European Disclosure Code


Streamline Your Operations to Achieve Measurable Business Advantage

Transform the way you interact with healthcare professionals (HCP), customers, business partners and regulators. Streamline your operations from end-to-end. Bring new products to market faster than ever. With solutions designed specifically for life sciences, Pega intelligently automates core functions from clinical trial and adverse event case management to spend and HCP management and customer service, driving measurable business advantage at new levels of speed and economy. Eight of the top 10 life science companies, including Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Baxter and Philips, rely on Pega to streamline business operations from end-to-end.

Deliver efficient, customer-centric interactions across the enterprise

Pega Better Business Software® delivers the industry’s only unified solution for optimizing the customer experience across clinical, safety, support, sales and marketing operations. Pega combines a complete view of the customer, intelligent work automation and enterprise case management for efficient and consistent processes across channels, devices, regions, products, regulations and systems. You can also provide contextually relevant experiences to each customer using real-time analytics to dynamically recommend the most relevant Next-Best-Action. Pega’s pre-built solution includes interfaces for providers, consumers, prescribers, clinical, safety and other industry-specific users for rapid implementation of customer-centric interactions.


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Optimize the efficiency of pre- and post-approval safety case management

Revolutionize adverse event (AE) case management by seamlessly connecting every phase of AE processing and closing the gaps in conventional safety systems. Pega Better Business Software® delivers rules-driven processes and end-to-end case management that automate AE processing from capture to submission, eliminating manual hand-offs and duplicate effort while enhancing compliance with protocols, GCPs and regulations. With Pega, you can simplify processing across multiple channels and jurisdictions while reducing risk and costs with real-time activity monitoring dashboards and automated alerts to dynamically manage the flow and reporting requirements for AEs.


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Gain transparency, minimize risk and maximize compliance

With Pega Better Business Software, you can leverage spend data in real time and across multiple enterprise systems to capture, manage, audit and report in compliance with company, state, federal and global regulations. Increase efficiency and reduce violations with Pega's ability to pre-populate spend requests using data from enterprise systems, guiding users through requests and authorizations, automatically preventing violations and creating cases for exception requests. Simplify regulatory oversight with real-time dashboards, user-defined reporting and automatically generated audit trails.


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Maximize your growth opportunities at lower risk

Pega streamlines grants management from requests, approvals and funding to awards and execution, transforming cumbersome grants-tracking into automated, compliant processes that help you effectively target programs and high-value grants. Simplify the process with a personalized portal and intelligent work automation guiding applicants through submissions across all channels, including creation and attachment of all required forms. Eliminate non-compliance with dynamic application of regulations and criteria-based rules to automatically filter, prioritize, route and even resolve requests without manual intervention. Reduce risk with real-time dashboard reporting, robust audit trails and an ad-hoc report wizard for performance monitoring and compliance tracking.


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